Filming is now well-underway on Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow prequel, and while we’re still fairly in the dark as to what exactly the film will entail, set photos from the shoot have been providing us with a steady amount of reveals. Just a few days ago we got confirmation that Florence Pugh is in fact playing Yelena Belova in the film thanks to a batch of set photos, and now we have our first (albeit blurry) look at what is almost certainly one of the film’s villains.

The photos show the mystery villain in what looks like some sort of heavily armored vehicle, and is presumably part of the chase sequence we’ve seen being filmed over the past few days. Who exactly this character could be is anyone’s guess, but good money is on it being Taskmaster, the expert hand-to-hand combatant who has been rumored to be the film’s main antagonist. The costume certainly isn’t a far cry from Taskmaster’s comics look, and it does look like the suit has some sort of hood attached to its back, a staple part of the character’s costume. The suit also looks very similar to Darkhawk’s look from the comics, though we’ve heard nothing about his potential inclusion in the film, and it’s hard to see how the character would fit in with the likely more grounded style of this movie. Of course this is all speculation for now, and it’s entirely possible that this masked villain is instead someone else entirely.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about the identity of this mystery villain at Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel at SDCC next month – and fingers crossed we might get a clearer look at the villain’s look there as well! Black Widow is expected to release in May 2020.