Several MCU stars have been slowly departing the Atlanta set of Avengers 4 recently, signifying the near end of the massive undertaking Kevin Feige and co. started more than a year ago. Just last week, it was revealed that lovebirds Vision and Wanda aka Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, have completed all their scenes for the film. Now, thanks to her trusty stunt double, Heidi Moneymaker we now know that even Scarlett Johansson has wrapped for Avengers 4.

While the pictures posted may seem like another BARF sequence for Avengers 4, the nostalgic tone of Moneymaker’s post makes us think otherwise. Moneymaker has been Johansson’s stunt double for 7 years now, dating back to Black Widow’s first appearance in Iron Man 2. She also played one of the many Winter Soldiers that made an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. This recent wave of cast member wraps helps put things into perspective regarding the end of the current MCU. As far as we know, some of these people may not return to the MCU after Avengers 4. It’s a bit sad to think about how Avengers 4 could be the last time these people ever work together. We can’t imagine how emotional it’ll be on set when Robert Downey Jr. wraps filming. We hope they put out a ‘Last Day at Work’ video to commemorate the end of all things.

Source: Instagram