There seems to be an increasing interest from Kevin Feige and co. to fill in gaps of the MCU’s past. As Captain Marvel retcons the 90s into Skrull-filled territory, so will the Eternals in prehistoric time and Black Widow in the early 2000s. A new report from Italian site Badtaste is saying that the Black Widow production, including the film’s director Cate Shortland, was spotted canvassing the Castle of Racconigi in Italy and that it would be used for a scene set in the first World War.

This isn’t the first time Marvel Studios has used Italy as a shooting location. Avengers: Age of Ultron famously used the small town of Bard and its Fort Bard as the location of Sokovia. Spider-Man: Far From Home filmed several scenes in Venice as well.

Just based on how it looks, the castle could make a good exterior from the infamous Natasha Romanoff’s point of origin, Russia’s Red Room. We know the Red Room dates back as early as the second World War as seen on Agent Carter. Could it have been established earlier than that? The castle could be used for something entirely different as well. I’ve long wanted to see the MCU’s take on Count Nefaria.

Source: Badtaste via MCU Cosmic