In a recent scoop from Jeremy Conrad, his source says that the Black Widow movie will have Natasha stop the Y2K disaster that never came. Now, some of you on the younger side might not actually remember this feared event, but basically, Y2K was a projected bug that would start when global clocks and calendars would (attempt) to transition from 1999 to 2000. This would have (theoretically) caused worldwide system crashes in computers, due to them not being properly programmed to handle the time shift.

This would mean that affected computers would be using an incorrect date and thus fail to operate properly. Which would result in the economy being disrupted, utilities systems malfunctioning, and government records being lost or destroyed. So, the world would be in chaos. Seems like something for a super spy like Black Widow to stop. However, since this event obviously takes place before 2000, it would mean that the vast majority of this movie would be a prequel as previously rumored.

However, whenever a prequel is mentioned in relation to this movie, people wonder if a certain brainwashed solider would appear or her partner. Conrad did mention that either Bucky Barnes or Hawkeye would appear in the movie too, but not both, and he wouldn’t confirm which one.

Regardless, it’s interesting how Marvel Studios is slowly filling all the gaps in this universe with Captain Marvel exploring the mid-90s, while Black Widow will explore the dawn of a new century.

Source: MCUCosmic