Since her introduction in Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johansson‘s Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow has been a fan favorite. Being a woman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t easy, much less being a superpowered woman on a male-heavy team, but since day one, Black Widow has proved that she can keep up with the heavy hitters of The Avengers.

In recent months, fans – and even some Marvel bigwigs – have been begging the studio to create a Black Widow movie that explores her backstory, as well as showcasing her unique talents. While there is little sign of this ever happening, according to Movie Pilot, there was a scene in the Captain America: Civil War novelization that delved into Nat’s background.

It’s unclear as to whether or not the scene was ever filmed for the movie, or if it was even included in the script, but it gave readers a glimpse into the rich history of Black Widow:

Natasha studied Cap’s expression of resolve. Finally, she said, “In Russia, in the Red Room, there were dozens of us. All girls, all young. We lived together. They let us be friends. Then they dropped us in the tundra, two weeks’ walk from home, with just enough supplies for one of us to survive.” Cap looked at her, understanding her meaning. “Don’t let them push us into the cold,” she said.

While it’s not the solo movie that fans are still hoping for, it does give us a bit of the backstory we’ve been craving since we first saw her.

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Source: Movie Pilot