With a wave of MCU news coming in today we’re now getting more enlightenment on a popular topic in today’s fanbase. Kevin Feige took time during today’s TCA event to elaborate on future possibilities of R-rated content in Marvel’s interconnected film franchise. As reported previously, Deadpool 3 will still be R-rated and there are no current intentions of restricting its angle of storytelling. This has been frequently emphasized by Feige and even Disney exec Bob Iger. It’s also worth reiterating that the movie is currently intended to integrate into the MCU from its former home in Fox’s X-Men Universe.

More interestingly, Feige further went on to say that none of Marvel’s current projects in development had intentions of being R-rated but that the idea was not off the table should a project come along with this sort of potential. This is an interesting statement, to say the least with several franchises in play that were either expected to have mature content or that have been historically mature in the comics. Most notable is the current Blade film that is in development. Blade being a vampire slayer that leaves quite the blood trail on his quest of Vampire genocide, it seems like limiting its rating would not be the best idea for the franchise. In fact, doing so may even hinder its level of storytelling and result in a lesser-quality film.

At the very least, it is nice to hear some information straight from the man himself. Feige’s word is usually golden at what to expect from future films. Whether R-rated or PG-13, it will be interesting to see the final product of these films in comparison to the production expectations that Marvel is setting day by day.