Today’s Disney/Fox deal is a dream come true for us here at the MCU Exchange and appears to be the gift that will keep on giving. While many fans were certain that Deadpool, one of Fox’s most successful Marvel properties, would not continue under a Marvel Studios banner (despite Kevin Feige saying it was distinct possibility), Disney boss Bob Iger sees things a little differently:

While many pundits are going to be shocked that “family friendly” Disney would consider an R-rated film, those pundits may not entirely familiar with the types of films that Disney has produced in the past and continues to produce now. This deal, like any other business deal, comes down to money. Bob Iger will walk away from Disney with a very impressive legacy because he knows HOW to make money and he knows Deadpool sequels will make money. Interestingly enough, bringing Deadpool into Marvel Studios could also help open the door for other comic book characters who may be better served in R-rated films as well, so there’s plenty to think about here. Of course Deadpool could also pop up just about anywhere now, just like he does in the comics, and can be used to his full intended effect.

News will continue to develop around this story over the next 24 hours and we will do our best to keep you on top of it all! What other characters do you think you’d like to see if Marvel Studios starts making R-rated films?