It isn’t everyday that the geniuses behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe grace us fans with comments that tease and get us excited, let alone the people who actually lord and rule over these geniuses. Luckily for us, this is one of those days. Speaking at a conference this Wednesday to discuss the future of Star Wars and money, Disney’s head honcho – the Bob Iger – made a passing remark about the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe in the coming decade.

We had a similar meeting with Marvel a week-and-a-half ago to plot those films out, where we’ve got movies in either development or production — some nearing completion — through the end of this decade. We too are beginning to talk about what do we do the next decade, and so on.”

Now this is nothing new. We all have heard about Feige’s 10000-year plan for the MCU. But hearing one of the most powerful people in Hollywood briefly tease their game plan for Marvel in the coming years truly does set the future of the MCU in stone. In just a few years time, these comments will be perceptible to our eyes.

Source: The Wrap.