Here’s a change of pace from all the D23 news. Sometime amidst all the ruckus for Avengers: Infinity War last weekend, a new trailer for the Runaways surfaced online featuring a bunch of unseen footage and a clearer look at the dynamics and conflict we can expect in the show. Check it out!

So that’s a pretty decent trailer. I’ll admit that I’m kind of bummed that it resembles network TV and it’s not as “cinematic” as I’d hope it would be but it seems to hit all the right notes for how a Runaways show should look like. It already looks crazy faithful to the first several issues of Brian K. Vaughan‘s breakout comic. It’s got the raptor tease (yep, there’s going to be dinosaur in this show) and the occultic sacrifice scene that made the comic so crazy to read so you know this show isn’t holding back. I’m already onboard!

Also, anyone else find it weird how Marvel still hasn’t released any official footage from the show? All the Runaways footage we’ve been getting have either been phone bootlegs or low-res downloads. You’d think that Marvel would have something official out by now for the public.

Source: via Reddit