Like it’s namesake, Marvel just dropped a brand new poster and trailer for Black Panther, like the beast stealthily stalking its prey at night. And it’s pretty fucking rad!! Check it out!

So this, the Punisher trailer, and the Led Zeppelin ***Thor: Ragnarok trailer might be the best trailers I’ve seen all year. There is so much to digest in this trailer. We get to see Wakanda in its full glory. Seriously, some set pieces here don’t even seem to be set on this planet! That’s how killer the production design for this is. T’Challa in a weird spiritual dream sequence in a mystical savannah?! We hear Okoye and Killmonger speak for the first time too. Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett and Lupita N’yongo are absolutely going to slay this film. Hearing Michael B. Jordan‘s delivery of his speech is chilling. Did you all see T’Challa’s nano-suit and Klaw’s arm canon?! What the hell is happening?! They gave T’Challa that Cap-without-parachute moment but even better! I can’t stop exclaiming!!

Source: Marvel