The Russo Brothers surprised the world today when they dropped the full Avengers: Endgame trailer and poster in the quiet morning. The trailer was nothing short of glorious and emotional, showcasing the characters and arcs we’ve grown to love these past 11 years while revealing nothing about the film’s central plot. With so much mystery surrounding the trailer, we’re gonna do our best piecing what we saw and know about the film together.

The trailer rightfully banks hard on that hard-earned nostalgia they’ve worked on for 10 years. We’re treated to footages from the Big Three’s origin films interspersed with some familiar voices; Stark presumably narrating his journey as Iron Man to Pepper in his farewell message on the Benatar, we hear Peggy’s sage advice from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Thor’s fuck up for not going for the head.

The first half of the trailer also dishes some new scenes for us to chew on with the most interesting one being Clint teaching this kid archery 101. There’s a lot of speculation happening on whether or not that’s a potential Kate Bishop he’s mentoring. Personally, I think that’s his daughter. Thing is though, we see his daughter in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which canonically takes place in 2015, as a 5-year old. The kid in this trailer is at least 11 or 12, which makes me think that this is a scene from the film’s conclusion.

After busting out of the Quantum Realm, Scott Lang finally becomes privy to the world he just entered.

One of the things I absolutely love in this trailer are the tender moments Clint and Nat share with each other. It’s easy to forget these two share a lot of life experiences together. We know Nat has a beautiful and sweet relationship with the Barton children so Clint’s loss is her loss too.

Clint’s on fire in this trailer. So much to piece from all his scenes. What is he doing in that tunnel? Why is he aiming his bow at something/someone? Who the hell set off that explosion? Did the Avengers send him on a mission of his own?

Continuing with Clint, we see him and Cap converse on his farm. I’m guessing that when Nat catches up to him in Japan, she implores him to back go to the farm where the Avengers meet up with him.

Rocket hanging on to Rhodey’s shoulder is one of the trailer’s many money shots. Also, if you look closely you’ll see Rocket wearing his classic comic costume.

And speaking of money shots, there are a couple of scenes in this trailer that seem to take place in a generic grey wasteland-ish wreckage. In classic Russo fashion, I honestly believe that the location is a misdirection on their end. Nebula losing her cool is a clear indication that it’s her father Grimace she’s shouting at.

This incredible shot of Cap adjusting his shield on the battlefield is already being described by fans as his potential final stand against the Mad Titan.

I’ve spoken to some folks that believe this scene of Ant-Man hopping on a pencil is set in a destroyed Avengers HQ. Wherever this scene takes place, I think that the explosion in Clint’s tunnel has something to do with it.

After months of seeing concept art that a lot of fans doubted was real, we finally get a good look at those gorgeous Quantum Realm suits. The trailer also isn’t shy about Tony hanging out with his bffs.

Interestingly enough, the trailer’s end tag was straight out of shareholder footage description that surfaced a few days back. The scene has the Avengers questioning Carol Danvers’ whereabouts all these years. Pretty cool to see the scene this soon.

Amidst all the smoke and mirrors being thrown at us by Marvel Studios, one certainty we can probably all agree on is that film takes place over the course of a few months. You can look closely at everyone’s hairstyles from all the trailers and see there are three distinct periods in this film; Cap has a beard when Captain Marvel shows up in the HQ but is clean shaven when Scott shows up, Nat has her short blonde hair in those two instances but in this trailer (and as seen in all the promotional images), she grows out her red hair.

What can you piece together from all the trailers we’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below!