It’s finally here! After weeks of getting teased, Marvel & Netflix have released the trailer for Daredevil Season 3 on the opening day of New York Comic-Con where the show is set to make a big presentation this Saturday. The trailer gives us an intense glimpse of what befalls Matt Murdock this season and as the resident Daredevil expert, I’m here to break it all down.

The Man in Black looms over New York in a very iconic pose. We get a glimpse of the Punisher shootout in Season 2. Matt is having a new crisis of faith: he’s been helping people for years so why is he being rewarded with futility?

An entire squad of suited men gets taken out by Daredevil in the parking lot. What we see is brief but the sequence looks intense nonetheless. Who are these men? Are these men employed by Kingpin?

Speaking of, the Kingpin of Crime is back to bring his new reign of terror. But it’s not a return that’s true to form without him staring at a white blank space. It’s a great nod to the Rabbit in a Snowstorm image that haunted him so much as a child and as an adult. What’s so chilling in this trailer is the musical cue.

Meet Rahul Nadeem, the FBI agent assigned to Fisk. Things have changed so much for the Kingpin of Crime since his “I am the ill-intent” speech that he’s now siding with the authorities for once. The reasons aren’t clear in this trailer but we reckon it’s a decision that comes from necessity and desperation.

And lo and behold, he’s out of prison.

And he’s out partying right away! Eagle-eyed fans will recognize the lady next to Fisk not as Vanessa but Rosalie Carbon. She was last seen taking over Harlem in Luke Cage Season 2. Now that Fisk is out, I wonder what’s going to happen to all those gangs? The most powerful crimelord is back and its bound to make a huge shake up on the streets. And yes, Fisk looks damn good in that white suit.

And goddamn, he’s beating someone up in the car already! Dude is lucky it’s inside the car and not outside with the car door.

I love how they’re giving us the goods in a very straightforward way. No bullshitting as to how Matt’s identity gets revealed to Fisk. Their encounter in Season 2 is a huge seed towards this revelation. Fisk doesn’t need to dig deep to learn who the Man in Black is. He’s been in front of him all along.

It’s not a Daredevil season without a hallway scene. It looks like Matt’s maskless and in prison this time around. Talk about a high-stakes hallway fight!

Here we have Joanne Walley as Maggie Murdock, mother to Daredevil himself. From this trailer, it looks like she’s going to be his conscience and anchor throughout the season. Maggie’s stint in the comics is brief and this show will likely expound on that further.

Fisk is back out there giving grand public speeches as well as if he never was public enemy #1. The secret to how he swayed the public eye is hinted in the next few scenes. Seeing him stand in front of the media and crowd is something we haven’t seen since he came out of the shadows in Season 1.

A saw blade attached to an arm?! Could that be Melvin Potter?!

Matt is going toe-to-toe with heavily armed FBI agents. The idea of Daredevil getting rough with the authorities has been touched on before in previous seasons but Matt must be truly at his wit’s end to attack armed federal agents.

Foggy and Karen share a hug as their lives are rattled by Fisk being free. It’s easy to forget that it was Nelson & Murdock who helped put Fisk behind bars. Fisk is likely gunning out for them as he is with Matt. That’s a fair reason to be terrified.

Melvin Potter confirmed. It’s no secret the iconic Born Again storyline was going to be a big inspiration for Season 3. Fans who’ve read it know that Melvin plays a brief part in the story. ‘Ol Melvin designed a familiar suit but for whom? Can I also say how great is it to see Matt Gerald return?

Wilson Fisk’s ace in swaying the public eye off him has been in front of him all along: Daredevil. Taking a cue from J. Jonah Jameson, Season 3 is going to turn the Man Without Fear into a public menace. It’s a very simple yet brilliant way to adapt Wilson Fisk’s act of destroying Matt Murdock’s life in Born Again. And who better to frame Daredevil than iconic sharpshooter Bullseye?

In addition to Born Again, Daredevil Season 3 was described to be inspired by Kevin Smith‘s groundbreaking Guardian Devil story, one that culminates in a church fight between Daredevil and Bullseye that ends with Karen Page dead. Looks like they’re taking a cue a from it. It’s anyone’s guess on which character bites the dust here. And as much as I want it to be Karen Page, I feel like it’ll be someone like Maggie Murdock. Whoever dies, it’s surely going to change Matt Murdock forever.

I absolutely love how they’ve embraced some of Kingpin’s over-the-top campiness. This shot of him sitting in front of those monitors looks campy as hell and I love it.

This plot point of having a bad guy Daredevil impostor is a nice nod to Born Again as well. Showrunner Erik Oleson has said that Season 3 will be a completely different story from Born Again but it’ll be nice to see how they adapt certain elements of that book.