Visitors of the ABC Upfronts had the opportunity to see the first trailer that shows footage from the ambitious TV show featuring the Royal Family of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Inhumans. Surprisingly, it seems to be the only trailer that was not yet revealed outside of the presentation. Some fans hoped the trailer would be shown after ABC’s longest running Marvel show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , which ended its latest season on Tuesday night, but we probably couldn’t have taken more excitement. Inhumans will lead in to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. next fall, which may be a sign that the network is trying to boost both show’s ratings on Friday’s new science fiction and fantasy block. But those that were disappointed that we did not get a look at the trailer are in luck, as a considerable amount of high quality pictures have recently leaked online.

We seem to start off the trailer with a look at the entire Royal Family eating dinner together. It is interesting how this picture highlights quite a strong bond, especially with Black Bolt’s brother sitting directly opposite of him. It could be a subtle way of highlighting that they are both fighting for similar positions, but are at opposite ends of their beliefs. It must be noted that there is a surprising absence of Triton at the table, but it could be that he is either not in frame, or due to his condition (needing to be in water) not able to sit by them. If that is the reason, it could be an interesting way that the family may have some internal turmoil already brewing.

Whatever the turmoil could be, it seems that some of it is slowly slipping through the cracks. Something seems to have caught Black Bolt’s attention, as it may have pulled them out of their family dinner. It will be interesting to see if we will see a change of Medusa’s hair post-production, as many fans aren’t excited about what has been seen, so far. But September is a long way away, and there is plenty of time for post-production upgrades.

One detail that can’t be seen in these pictures, but was confirmed by descriptions of the trailer, is that there is a voice over by Maximus highlighting his thirst for power, and what seems to be a fear of whatever would happen as soon as humanity uncovers their home. A shot from the trailer highlights this fact from behind Maximus’ back staring out into the crowd, which one can assume is in fact the Inhuman population of Attilan. Something is brewing deep within Maximus that will lead to the fallout between the family, especially highlighted by him trailing the royal’s couple descent into whatever future awaits them.

If we go by these pictures, viewers will not have to wait long until Maximus the Mad will take his first actions towards villainy. One picture does seem to reveal the Genetic Council from the comics, who will appear later on throughout the trailer as well, with Crystal. What is interesting is that it appears that one of the members is lying dead next to Maximus as he views his very own inciting incident, a point of no return. The fact that this is revealed early could be a hint that the show has some meta sense in casting Iwan Rheon, who has become quite popular thanks to his performance in Game of Thrones.

The mutiny continues on, as we see Crystal carried away by some unknown men. But it could also be misleading, as her character was always rather curious about the outside world in the comics, so it makes sense that the Genetic Council might try to pull her in for questioning now and then. We also see Medusa fall victim to her brother-in-law’s scheme, which also hints at the Inhumans possessing their own guns, which may or may not be from the outside world.

A picture that highlights the visual style this production could offer shows Black Bolt meditating in a rather large room. It could hint at him having to retreat so that he does not hurt anyone. It is unclear how strong he truly is, as hopefully they did keep the fact that his voice is capable of destroying cities, which would most certainly offer a unique way to tell a story.

All signs appear to be pointing toward Maximus causing a mutiny as a cover-up so that he can use his brother’s very own destructive power to topple whatever city to which he’s fled. Rhoen conveys his menacing power well, here.

There he is! One of the major highlights of this show could be a live-action incarnation of everyone’s favorite Inhuman dog, Lockjaw. While we do not get a full picture of him, as it seems this was taken mid-teleportation, which has the potential to be as iconic as Ant-Man’s shrinking effect. This picture does highlight that Black Bolt managed to escape his brother’s clutches (If the pictures are in order of the action) and that the effect for Lockjaw is quite promising. Also, that is one gigantic dog!

We have finally reached the point where the Royal Family is split apart in Hawaii. If we go by TV’s typical approach to marketing, all of this is just in episode one, but going by IMAX showing the first two, as if it was a movie, this could very well be what starts the second episode. We see various characters scattered across the gorgeous landscape of Hawaii, which many ABC fans will recognize from one of the network’s previous hit shows: Lost.

This picture is quite interesting, as it hints at a hit squad that is going after one of the members of the Royal Family. Another picture hints that this member could be Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor), who may offer us an interesting action sequence within the jungle. So far a great mystery surrounds his leg design, as in the comics he was known for having hooves, which could be a reason why he is being chased.

The next picture may be hinting at Maximus’ secret layer underground, but there is also a strange creature following him. The best theory is that he has an Alpha Primitive that is responsible for his layer’s safety. What is great about their inclusion is the fact that one can expect them to be similar in design to what people saw Hive create in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how exactly they live within Inhumans’ society.

Finally, Triton, the final member of the Royal Family, who has been surprisingly absent in any of the promotional materials. It could be that the character has a minimal role due to his strong ties to the water, but he may simply be a surprise for the large portion of the audience that has little knowledge of how Inhumans work, most certainly those that have not seen SHIELD before.

Another highlight is to see Karnak (Ken Leung), who is as close as possible to his comic counterpart. The major difference is the lack of his giant forehead that certainly made the character stand out in comparison to the other members of the family in the comics. At least we got his famous tattoos around his eyes, which are a bit more subtle, raising the question of if these are part of his Terregenisis or he actually had them tattooed unto his forehead. Leung is also a surprising casting choice, as he is a veteran actor from Hawaii who starred in Lost back in the day.

Last, but not least, we get a glimpse at Black Bolt trying to hide in the Hawaiin city by wearing regular clothes. Sadly for him, it does not look like it will work out as well as he hoped, mostly due to his lack of communication skills to get a point across and maybe we will see his brother mess with him so that he gets caught by the policy. Seeing them take him down is a rather surprising sight, which could be a sign that he is trying to avoid too much attention.

What are your thoughts on these pictures? Let us know in the comments. Hopefully we’ll get to see what the folks at the Upfronts saw, soon enough. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on all of the developments for Inhumans, and all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right here.

Source: SpoilerTV