Marvel Studios does it once again. Out of nowhere, they announced that the ten-year culmination of the MCU, Avengers: Infinity War, will enter cinemas worldwide on April 27th. Many of their films were released a week early in international markets but now it seems they want everyone to enjoy their biggest blockbuster a little earlier than usual. It was officially revealed on their official Twitter page during a discussion with Robert Downey Jr. He asked them if they could share the film with entire world a bit earlier than it’s original May release. Luckily for us, it worked and the whole world will get the film much earlier than anticipated.

This is huge news as it also means we should be getting the next trailer sooner than later. While this news will certainly be in a lot of headlines, many people find out about film releases through trailers. Seems like a perfect time to push out the next trailer to highlight what people can expect at the end of April. This may also be a good sign for a lot of news to head our way over the course of the coming weeks. Marvel Studios will use this chance to keep building up momentum until the film’s release, especially after Black Panther‘s success.

Did you expect this? Are you excited to see the film earlier?

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