Talk about a tragedy. Just when the show reaches its personal best, the signs point more and more towards this being our last season with Agent Carter and her new crew. Head here to read Doug’s review of the fifth episode, and read on for the biggest moments from “The Atomic Job.”

1) The New Commandos

I can hands down say this was my favorite episode of the show so far, which makes it all the more heartbreaking that the ratings keep dipping. Then there’s the news that Hayley Atwell is being tapped to lead another ABC show. It’s hard to imagine the fate of Agent Carter being positive if the network is already trying to shift the star to another primetime series. I’m glad they have faith in her, but despite Atwell’s killer performance each week (and she really was on fire in this episode), “The Atomic Job” really highlighted how terrific this show’s ensemble is. The picture above sums it up. They may not be the typical action hero leads, but they can more than hold their own as agents (or, you know, butlers). While comedian Matt Braunger does great work reprising his role as the scorned and bumbling SSR scientist Dr. Samberly, and we’ve of course seen Jarvis and Sousa prove their worth time and again, the standout on the team and in the episode was definitely Agent Rose (Lesley Boone). She’s more than just a secretary with an eye for fashion, she’s a trained agent. And despite her lack of field experience, she acquits herself nicely and with a relish to do so. I don’t know what was better, her taking down Frost’s goons, or the glee and assuredness with which she did it.

2) Marvel Comedy Wins Again

This was one of my big moments from the double-premier, and it’s worth noting here again. Aside from the aforementioned return of Braunger, we are introduced to Ken Marino‘s Joseph Manfredi. In the comics, he’s the son of Spider-Man villain and mafia don Silvio Manfredi aka Silvermane. While that’s likely not going to play into the series, it was nice seeing the comics culled for material and great to see Marino as always. And while his signature slimy humor was on display, he also showcased a previously unseen dark side when he brutally beats one of his own men for looking at Frost, which I suppose counts as dark humor so we’ll still include it.

We also got the brilliant sequence where Peggy attempts to locate the secret Roxxon key in Hugh Jones’s (Ray Wise) office, allowing Atwell to once again showcase her amazing American accents while repeatedly frying Jones’s brain in between bouts of being an utter creep. Jarvis continued to score points for comedic delivery as well, first shutting down Peggy’s attempts to plan a break-in of the Roxxon facility, and then later when he breaks the squad sequence by remembering that he parked the car in the wrong place (I’m going to ignore Samberly’s trip as that’s a tired trope during slow-mo team line-ups).

Really, this show always does well with comedic moments, but it felt right to highlight it this week as the show really did bring the whizbang wackiness that I’ve been hoping it would lean into more. Here’s hoping that as things continue to get dire for our heroes, they’ll still remain zany.

3) The Zero Matter Mystery Continues

And speaking of dire, Zero Matter is really starting to harsh everyone’s vibes not named Whitney Frost. Chadwick is fearing for his life now that Frost is on a tear to get her hands on nuclear weapons in between sucking people into her body. He’s called a super secret meeting of the super secret Arena Club to help him deal with his loving wife. And thanks to some good old fashioned vent-crawling espionage, Peggy and the team now know that Frost has some crazy Zero Matter powers. They saw her absorb it from Jane Scott’s body, and later when Peggy confronted Frost at the Roxxon facility, she got a taste of the power when Frost grabbed her and sent some coursing into her. The team still don’t know the full extent of her powers, but I’m guessing they’re going to be keen on investigating the substance even more after the disappearance of Dr. Wilkes.

The Zero Matter/Darkforce definitely seems to have a different affect on Jason than it does on Whitney. Not only is he stuck being a Force ghost while she’s got super powers, but when he absorbs the matter he becomes corporeal. Not only that, but he could then sense the remainder of the matter in Jane Scott’s corpse. I have a feeling that when we see him again, he’s going to be fiending for more Zero Matter in an effort to make himself whole again. But where exactly he’s gone too is still a mystery. I’m of the mind that Zero Matter is simply a by-product of another dimension, the Dark Dimension, and that everything being sucked in is on another plane of reality with Dr. Wilkes flitting between the two. While I highly doubt this show will take its characters to another dimension, it will be interesting to see how they solve these mysteries without the help of Wilkes or the absent Howard Stark. Hopefully we’ll get a big helping of new information next week as we’re now halfway through Season 2.

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments what your favorite moments were and what you’re hoping to see next week. You can check out the promo for episodes 6 and 7 (that’s right, next week we get a double helping) titled “Life Of The Party” and “Monsters” here and for all things Agent Carter, follow along here. For more MCU related news and features, make sure to follow us on Twitter.