Iron Fist Season 2 premiered on Netflix last Friday and is currently surprising audiences who wrote-off the massively disappointing first season with a rejuvenated energy unseen in the show before. Included in those surprised is me as I was ready to jump off the Marvel-Netflix wagon completely until Daredevil Season 3 happened. But then I saw some of the good stuff this season and was hooked back in. Here’s a breakdown of Season 2’s biggest and most exciting moments.

Better Fights

Ask and you shall receive. Arguably the biggest improvement in the show is the fight choreography and it is evident right from the get-go. The opening sequence with the truck in Chinatown alone is a completely different animal from Season 1’s best fights put together. From the camera movement down to the editing, the keepers of the flame have listened. Iron Fist Season 2 is replete with exciting fight sequences, executed and filmed by top-tier industry talent. All that’s really missing from this show is a big technical showboat moment akin to the Daredevil hallway fights. My personal favorites would be the Colleen and Misty vs. the Crane Sisters and the parking lot fight with Colleen and Davos’ pupils.

Mysticism 202

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a huge fan of all the Eastern mysticism stuff found in books like Daredevil. I love the Hand and ninja elements. I love that in the backdrop of a crime-ridden city, there are traces of the supernatural. Sadly, the previous keepers of past Marvel-Netflix shows did not. Thankfully, the current keeper of Iron Fist, Raven Metzner, has a love for of it because this season embraces some of the source material’s zany elements. We’re treated to forbidden mystic tattooing rituals, ancient Iron Fist lore, the kooky Iron Fist mask, Mortal Kombat in a sun chamber, glowing swords, and magic bullets. We’re still a long way from Iron Fist being the fantastical kung-fu we all want it to be but the second season takes some nice steps towards it.

The Third Mary

I’m mixed on what we Season 2 gave us with Typhoid Mary. On one hand, Alice Eve does a tremendous job portraying her. She imbues Walker with a piercing coldness, all the while exuding sexy fiery intrigue and gives Mary a playfulness to her. Eve has a blast playing such discrepant personas and it’s very evident in her performance. On the other hand, I feel they didn’t give the character a real moment to shine and fit into the narrative meaningfully. But all things said and done, what I do like with Mary is the intrigue surrounding her missing persona and her escaping captivity in Sokovia.

Fans who’ve read the comics know Mary’s third persona to be the pyrokinetic Bloody Mary. We get an inkling of it when Walker stares at an open flame and confirms the persona’s existence to Joy Meachum at the end. Sadly, we don’t get to see it come to fruition. I was half expecting for Bloody Mary to jump in the fray and set someone on fire during the final fight. Imagine how cool it would be if Bloody Mary allied herself with Davos while Walker allies with Danny. Bloody Mary sets people on fire while Davos mega-punches them. She’d be the fire to Davos’ dragon. Luckily, they leave Typhoid Mary’s story open-ended with a ton of room for future appearances. I’ve always said that she’d make a fantastic Jessica Jones villain so here’s hoping they cross her over to a different show.

Davos Fulfills His Destiny

Much like Avengers: Infinity War, the premise of Iron Fist Season 2 revolves around the quest of the antagonist, which in the show’s case is Davos, the last son of K’un L’un. Still embittered by his failure to become the Iron Fist and enraged by the fall of K’un L’un at the end of the first season, Davos has turned his sights to the world of mortal men with the hopes of ridding the cancers plaguing it. Thing is, he can’t do it without the power of the Iron Fist. Davos succeeds in prying it from Danny’s chest when he performs an ancient ritual involving tattooing.

While not as ostentatious as the iconic page from the Immortal Iron Fist, Davos’ rebirth as the Steel Serpent in the fourth episode is a highlight of the season. Gone is the amber color of the Iron Fist; in place is a fiery crimson grow reminiscent of Shou-Lao’s eyes. In his brief stint as the Steel Serpent, Davos did whatever he could to keep the streets of Chinatown free of corruption, slaughtering sinful and meek alike. He also did it in style with not one but two Iron Fists, something that Danny himself couldn’t bring to wield.

Gun-Strapping Danny

Despite having several decades worth of material, most comic readers are drawn to one particular run of Iron Fist: Ed Brubaker‘s and Matt Fraction‘s 2007 run which introduced all the contemporary stuff which redefined the character into the Immortal Weapon that he is now. One character that was introduced in that run was the fabled Orson Randall, the drunken pistol-wielding Iron Fist just before Danny.

Iron Fist Season 2 makes it a point to introduce Orson Randall into the fray with one big change. It isn’t Orson who’s the pistol-wielding cowboy, it’s Danny. He’s got a big ass coat and two pistols to channel his newfound Iron Fist energy in. He even does the Wanted bullet-curve thing, albeit done with odd VFX. Danny essentially becoming a version of Orson Randall while the character exists out there is a big change that some fans will be irked by for sure but it’s one I’m definitely open to. I’m curious how Season 3 explains the events that occurred in those few months that led Danny to a) a new source for Iron Fist powers and b) the ability to channel his powers into bullets.

The New Iron Fist

This is the gamechanger of the entire season. Until the end of Episode 8, I was ready to write off Iron Fist Season 2 as a commendable but still bland attempt to breath back life into a dying show. But in comes Danny with the insane plan to transfer the power of Iron Fist to Colleen. Instantly, my feelings changed for the show. The idea of Colleen wielding the Iron Fist not only made so much sense for the character but it would change the dynamic of the show and to me, elevate it completely. Lo and behold, they give Colleen the power of the Fist and boy is it an awesome sight. She’s got a dope forearm tattoo and a glowing katana to boot. You have someone hardened by true loss and hardship, wandering adrift in the face of her family’s code of honor and a mythic history she didn’t know about: the legend of the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay.

Easily one of the best legends to come out of the Book of Iron Fist, it tells the tale of a vagrant child of K’un L’un who, by chance, comes under the wing (pun intended) of Lei Kung The Thunderer and rises through the ranks of the class with her ferocity. She one day comes across a simple fisherman who offers fish in an act of kindness and compassion. Knowing nothing but cruelty, loneliness, and suffering all her life, she falls in love with the fisherman. As the fire of their love burned, so did the fiery ambition of the woman’s heart. She becomes the first woman to wield the Iron Fist. But the life of an Immortal Warrior never sat well with the simple fisherman, so he left and journeyed across the world. Defeated by her abandonment, she too departs K’un L’un and journeys to find her true love, becoming the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay in the process.

Regardless of however you want to look at it, giving us a new Iron Fist this season is such a bold and exciting choice. It opens a slew of possibilities on what the next season could be like. With Danny off in an adventure of his own and Colleen becoming a more deft wielder of the Fist’s powers than anyone we’ve seen, there’s a ton of to look forward to down the road.

What are your favorite moments in Iron Fist Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!