Today’s Spider-Man: Far From Home surprised fans not only with its spectacle and quips but also with big information on how Avengers: Endgame‘s conclusion is affecting the MCU. Let’s breakdown some of the bombshells dropped in this dope trailer.

We open with Peter grieving for Endgame’s biggest casualty and his mentor, Tony Stark. On top of the likely dozen murals scattered all over New York and maybe even the world, he’s still in the Iron Spider costume which probably reminds him of the man even more. But Happy is there to grieve with him and to share his support. I’m gonna guess that this scene in the plane is in the aftermath of the final battle.

Cut to Peter taking out a bunch of goons in a casino. The Iron Spider suit is kicking ass in full-force.

Watching this trailer made me realize some of the stuff they had to hide in the first trailer on account of Endgame not being out yet. In this scene, Happy and Peter are bickering about Fury in the same cafeteria Happy met Aunt May in the last trailer. In the last trailer, Peter was in his Spider-Man: Homecoming costume while in this latest one, he’s in the Iron Spider. Also, Happy and Peter’s dynamic is so fun to watch.

Now that the Russos have confirmed that Peter’s scene with an unaged Ned at the conclusion of Endgame meant that he was snapped too, the fact that all his classmates – MJ, Miles, Betty – all look unchanged since we last saw them means they all disappeared with Peter. Nice to know they can still find it amongst themselves to enjoy life after being gone for 5 years.

The last trailer had Fury greeting Peter in this scene as if they’ve never met. In this trailer, Fury greets him like they’ve already met. This is likely due to the fact that Fury, Peter, and the rest of the Avengers were present in Tony’s funeral in Endgame.

This is where the trailer gets super juicy. Fury introduces Peter to one Mr. Beck, who is revealed to be not of this Earth but another. Endgame briefly dealt with the concept of the multiverse so it’s exciting that we’re getting more of it here. Of course, us comic fans know Beck to be one hell of a con-artist so his multiverse origins could be just a front. Also, Fury nonchalantly exposing Peter’s identity to Beck makes me think he’s onto something about Beck. Fury completely trusting a man claiming to be from another dimension is so not Fury.

Fury mentions the Snap tearing a hole through our dimension. There have been 4 snaps in total – Thanos in *Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos getting rid of the stones, Banner bringing everyone back together, and Tony destroying Thanos – and there are four elementals – the storm creature in London, rock/sand creature in Mexico, Molten Man in Prague, and Hydro-Man in Venice – terrorizing the world so it’ll likely be explained that there are 4 dimensional rifts exposing us from all kinds of threats. Some fans are seeing these rifts as an opportunity to seamlessly introduce characters like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four but that’s a whole different article for another day.

Among other dope stuff like Fury’s “Bitch, please” line, this trailer gives us the first instance of Carol Danvers finally referred to as Captain Marvel.

Go to 1:53 in this trailer and take a close look at the background extra’s hand under Peter’s armpit. You’ll see a hand move in a really unusual way as if a hand was phasing through it. I have a hunch that this is one of the scenes they heavily edited to conceal a big detail in it. Be it the costume or the background, something looks off with this scene because it seems unlikely for them to be exposed in the open like this. Am I looking way too hard at this scene?

I love how they aren’t bullshitting us with MJ not having a hunch who Peter is. We sort of got a tease at the end of Homecoming but I love how they’re flat out acknowledging it here. Should be a fun scene to watch in the final product.

We’re treated to some incredibly cool shots of Mysterio’s mysterious abilities taking out the elemental creatures which brings me to my main talking point in this breakdown: his agenda. He says he’s from another Earth. We know he’s a lying dastardly villain. Those elemental creatures are likely his machinations. All for what? I think it’s all to get close to Peter. I have a feeling that Spidey suits won’t be the only Tony Stark leaves Peter with. I have a feeling that Tony will have a post-humous contingency that’ll grant the remaining Avengers including Peter some emergency access to Stark technology in case of another world-ending event, namely Tony’s proprietary time-travel GPS watch. For whatever reason, I think this version of Mysterio is looking to jump to another dimension either to get back home (he has a wedding ring so there could be emotional subtext with that) or to wreak more havoc across the multiverse.

Some Far From Home set photos surfaced a few months back showing Peter fighting Mysterio in a carnival in Prague. This trailer shows the molten monster attacking a carnival in Prague. This could be a glimpse at the third act battle of the film.

That tag with Happy and Peter’s classmates made me laugh so hard. Tony Revolori‘s comedic timing is impeccable with that line. I love how they’re finding ways to incorporate Happy into Peter’s life.