Well folks, that’s all she wrote. If this was the final episode of Agent Carter, the show sure went out with a bang, but if the powers that be see fit to continue Peggy’s adventures, we’ve certainly got a lot left to explore and I’m certainly hoping we get the chance. You can read our EIC Nicole’s excellent editorial on why Peggy and the team should return here and you can click here to read Doug’s review of the episode. Keep scrolling as I break down the biggest moments from the Season 2 finale titled “Hollywood Ending.”

1) Remember Howard Stark? He’s Back! In Painting Form!

We knew the season wouldn’t end without the return of Dominic Cooper‘s Howard Stark so it was no surprise (but still a fun intro) when he pops his head out of the car Jarvis runs two-time Oscar nominee Whitney Frost over with. And while his infectious energy and repartee is always a welcome return to the show, I’m more excited that someone finally brought up the portraits of him throughout the manor.

I first noticed them a few episodes back when Peggy was recuperating from her rebar injury and mentioned on the MCU Exchange podcast that I hoped it’d become a running gag for the remaining episodes. I’ll have to keep my eye out whenever I rewatch the season to know if a portrait appeared in every episode, but from episode 5 on there was always one somewhere in the background. This week we finally had a character address the hilarious and awful looking pieces when Wilkes asked Howard if there was one in every room of the house. Naturally there is, as they’re part of a collection. Oh Howard, never change. And do pass your traits on to your offspring someday.

2) Agent Peggy Carter Always Gets Her Man

I’ve mentioned in past breakdowns how much I appreciated the writers for not making this show’s love triangle a typical TV one. There was some tension and drama, but it always took a back seat, and Peggy was never accused of toying with her suitors who thankfully never came to blows over their feelings for her. That is all pretty unheard of in fiction, so I was glad when the show decided to wrap up each story, it did so with realism and maturity. There was definitely chemistry between Peggy and Wilkes in the early going, but he took some dark turns so their scene together worked as a nice cap to their relationship, allowing their feelings to be addressed in a curt, adult manner that left the audience and characters with some bittersweet longing.

Of course, this episode wouldn’t have lived up to its title without Peggy finally making her move with Sousa. The two have had a complicated relationship since they met, and we never quite learned what transpired between them that made Sousa move off to LA. While it’s an unspoken bummer that Violet had to suffer for their love, it was incredibly satisfying to see Peggy allow herself some joy after so much pain.

3) Thompson Dies (?), But In The Wrong Way

It’s left nebulous, and the showrunners have sated that his fate is undetermined, but killing Jack would be the right move. Between my breakdowns and the podcast, I’ve complained enough about Thompson’s arc this season, but this final episode was a chance to redeem him. Though it was shocking for the season (and potentially the series) to end with him being shot by an unknown assailant and left for dead in his hotel room, his death would have had far more impact if he had chosen to sacrifice himself and then allowed the characters to mourn him a bit.

When someone has to flip the override switch on the rift generator, I prayed it would be Thompson, allowing him a way to make up for all his bumbling actions this season and giving the show a more gut-wrenching goodbye. If the show goes into a third season and he survives, then it’s just a cheap ploy and a second-rate echo of what happened to Ana a few episodes back. But having him willingly give up his life for the good of his team, the mission, and the fate of the world, would have absolved him of all his sins this season and in his past and given the finale a well-earned moment of sadness.

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments what your favorite moments were and what you’re hoping to see next season (if it happens). You can check out the promo for the return of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. here and for all things Agent Carter, follow along here. For more MCU related news and features, make sure to follow us on Twitter.