With only one episode remaining, Agent Carter delivered its most intense pair of episodes yet. Action, intrigue, and powerful character moments helped to give us the best outings the show has yet to offer as we head towards the season finale next week. Head here to read Doug’s review of the episodes, and read on for the biggest moments from “The Edge Of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance.”

1) And The Emmy Goes To…

Despite declining ratings, it’s hard for me to fathom one or more of the actors in this show not getting an Emmy nod. Granted, awards shows tend to not favor the performers in a genre series, especially those based on comic books, but how could they ignore the amazing work delivered this week?

I could never say enough about Hayley Atwell‘s performance as Peggy Carter each week, but this episode managed to somehow elevate her performance even more. While all the actors involved stepped things up to another level this week, Peggy got some truly amazing moments, culminating in her well-deserved, but still heartbreaking, take-down of Jarvis after his reckless behavior while on his quest for revenge against Whitney Frost.

And speaking of Jarvis, damn James D’Arcy. The actor has always excelled at dry wit and has been an amazing foil for Peggy throughout the series, but this week he got to deepen the character in a way I wasn’t sure we’d ever see. And just because the writers wrote it, doesn’t mean that it would translate to an amazing performance. Luckily, D’Arcy does a remarkable job of driving home the emotion Jarvis feels. From his near-mourning at Ana’s bedside before she awakens, to his desperation while going after Frost, and his side of the aforementioned row with Peggy, D’Arcy was in top form. Peggy and Jarvis have always had one of the most fun relationships in the MCU, and the two episodes this week succeeded in elevating their pairing to one of the best all-time television duos.

2) A Good, Old-Fashioned Musical Dream Sequence

I’ve never been a huge fan of musicals, but I love a good musical number in a TV show. The difference for me lies in the absurdity and metatextual comedy that comes from a show stepping out of its usual reality and playing with such an old show business trope. Agent Carter delivered all of that in the opening of episode 9, appropriately titled “A Little Song and Dance” where all of Peggy’s inner turmoil was transformed into a musical number featuring a golden-voiced Sousa, a right-hooking throwing Rose, and the return of Lyndsy Fonseca‘s Angie Martinelli. The show had quite a job moving most of its characters to LA for this season, and Angie was one of the few casualties. Granted, the actor likely had other commitments, but it was nice to see the series find a way to bring her back as Peggy’s conscience of sorts. She and Enver Gjokaj were definitely the stand-outs in the performance, but it was a lot of fun seeing the cast in such a different light.

3) Thompson Finally Does Something!

Man, it’s been a long time coming. Thompson has been a roadblock this entire season to everyone’s chagrin, both in show and out. It’s nice that in episode 9 he finally displays some actual leadership and know-how, playing everyone in an attempt to take out both Whitney and Vernon. But it makes his arc this season all the more frustrating. It’s clear the writers really didn’t know what to do with him this season, and Vernon’s menace similarly fizzled out, especially once the Council was dissolved (literally). It would have been nice if Vernon had stepped in to command the SSR from the beginning, causing trouble and grooming Thompson for the Council, all while Thompson used his double-crossing skills on display this week to play all sides, making his comrades and the audience question where his true allegiances lay. It would have made the reveal towards the end of the episode all the more powerful if it was part of a season-long plan rather than one cobbled together at the last minute once he decides to finally play ball and trust his agents instead of some creepy old man. But no matter. He’s back on board and all is conveniently forgiven as we head into the craziness that awaits us in the finale.

4) Doctor Darkforce

Until next week, it’ll be tough to fully judge Dr. Jason Wilkes arc over the season, but it sure has been all over the place. This week he double crosses Peggy to side with his kidnapper Whitney, ascends to Zero Matter heaven only to balk at his new power once he returns, then seemingly sacrifices himself at the 11th hour because he fears his potential power, only to unleash that power on Whitney and Vernon as episode 9 ends. But if last week was all about showcasing Whitney’s new powers, this week was all about Jason.

We only get a few glimpses of his growing power, but it’s clear that Wilkes knows more about his abilities than he’s letting on. We get the cool sequence of him phasing through the side of the van while escaping Peggy and then later he gets a messianic levitation moment as he floated up towards the Zero Matter vortex. He spends the next episode fit to burst with Darkforce before willingly letting it explode on the villains. I’m excited to see if the opening of next week gives us another look at the Dark Dimension and an explanation from Wilkes about his new powers. Hopefully he’ll stick around the MCU, possibly popping up un-aged on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the new sobriquet Doctor Darkforce (you heard it here first!).

So, what did you think? Let us know in the comments what your favorite moments were and what you’re hoping to see in the finale next week. You can check out the promo for episode 10 titled “Hollywood Ending” here and for all things Agent Carter, follow along here. For more MCU related news and features, make sure to follow us on Twitter.