Earlier today, the first official trailer for the much awaited Season 2 of Daredevil finally premiered online and, boy, is it gloriously intense! We got a first look at some of the new players in the show, some familiarly fresh faces and a good idea on what exactly Matt Murdock has to face this coming season. I present to you this intricate breakdown of the Daredevil Season 2 trailer.

“One batch. Two batch. Penny and Dime.”

The trailer opens strong; a glimpse at the life Frank Castle once had as he whispers what can be presumed as his daughter’s favorite nursery rhyme. Judging by the flashlights, it’s either his house is being investigated by the authorities or its the hit that ends his domestic life about to take place.

The background music is what sells this opening scene. It’s a powerful contrast that sets the tone of Frank’s descent into madness. The shot of him sitting alone in front of a carousel as the lights shut down is an image of isolation.

“Father, Why do I still feel guilty?”

“The guilt…means your work is not yet finished.”

In this scene we hear Daredevil’s catholic guilt consume him as he seeks advice from his own personal Yoda, Father Lantom. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Father Lantom is a constant joy to see onscreen. His relationship with Matt has that depth and dynamic that doesn’t exist with other characters. Plus he always gets to deliver the most poignant of lines.

“The downtown office thinks we got a new player in Hell’s Kitchen.”

“What do they want?”

We cut to a violent crime scene. Windows broken, corpses lying around. We hear the ever so charming Brett Mahoney give Matthew a heads up on the new vigilante in town.

“DA’s office says the shooter is independent. He’s tracking gangs to their home turf and taking them out with military precision.”

“… with knowledge and hardware to take out half the city. Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode.”

Attesting to the skills and capablities of Frank Castle, we cut to his numerous hideouts. Frank Castle is known in the comics to have multiple bases scattered over New York city and it looks like the same can be said for MCU.

We also get to hear for the first time what is presumably the voice of Ben Urich-surrogate Blake Tower, played by Stephen Rider. Why Urich-surrogate? Because in the official press release, Tower is described as Daredevil’s new liaison in keeping up with all the happenings in Hell’s Kitchen. Blake Tower in the comics teams up with Daredevil for a short period of time to put a stop to a series of crimes.


Yeah he says bang. You can stop with the beg vs bang arguments. Joe Quesada even says so on his tumblr himself.

“Maybe we created him. All of us.”

“There’s no connection.”

“We never stopped to think that Daredevil’s actions could open the door for men like this.”

The beautiful Karen Page gives Matt a reality check on the possible ripple effect Daredevil has on the lives of the people of Hell’s Kitchen. What if Frank Castle’s family was murdered after a series of events caused by the arrest and imprisonment of Wilson Fisk? That would make the Punisher an actual byproduct of Daredevil, something that would no doubt eat Matt’s conscience.

Frank, like Matt and Fisk before him, is a product of pain and suffering. Fisk destroys Hell’s Kitchen to rid its filth, in the process creating Daredevil. Daredevil gets rid of Wilson Fisk, potentially creating the Punisher in the process.

We are also given hints of a possible Matt and Karen romance!

“How much longer before innocent people get caught in his crossfire?”

It’s the age old problem with people like Frank Castle. It’ll only be a matter of time before someone genuinely innocent gets tangled in his acts of vengeance. Also, here’s Charlie Cox channeling some 8 Mile.

“Blood is being shed!”

“And you’ve donated more than your fair share!”

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is their dynamic post-Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The cat’s out of the bag between the two and Daredevil has been around for sometime now and it’ll be great to see how’s life for the two.

“This city needs him.”

The ever supporting Claire Temple showing some understanding for her hunky ex-lover to Foggy. We also see them for the first time together onscreen. It’s implied that the two meet in Episode 10 of the first season when Claire visits Matt to patch him from his fight with Nobu. Another great thing about Season 1 is how the characters weren’t shoehorned to meet up with each other despite having such a small setting.

“I need to take care of the scum that killed my family.”

It’s not exactly a nuanced line but its nonetheless a line that encompasses who Frank is. Jon Bernthal delivers that line with so much pain and conviction that you can’t help but feel for him. Also, still no sight of the Avengers tower.

“People don’t have to die.”

“You hit them and they get back up. I hit them and they stay down!”

Truer words have never been spoken. Frank is an absolute in this world and it’s going to be a nightmare for Daredevil to deal with everything. In other news, we have another hallway sequence!! Here’s to hoping the show pushes that one take fight scene even further in this season!

“Why are you doing this?!”

“Because I think you’re half-measured. I think you’re a man that can’t finish the job. I think that you’re a coward.”

A powerful thought delivered masterfully by Bernthal. We get a quick glimpse at the show’s recreation of Daredevil and Punisher’s iconic face off as seen in Garth Ennis’ opening run. Daredevil is brutally beaten and chained and given a lecture on what it means to be a man of Frank Castle’s action. That fight scene in the red tinged stairwell looks beautifully brutal.

“You know you’re one bad day away from being me.”

And they end the trailer the same way they ended the Season 1 trailer; a shot of bloodied Daredevil picking himself up from the ground. Come on Matty. Get back to work!


“Hello Matthew.”

Elektra has returned to the relatively screwed up life of Matt Murdock to screw it up some more. Matt’s baffled reaction at Elektra’s return and Elodie Yung‘s seductive call to Matt is what sells this incredible moment. What a way to end a Daredevil trailer!

Noteworthy Mentions

How The Costume LookedI make no secret of my disdain of that Season 1 costume. I thought it looked terrible onscreen despite having smart practicality to the design. One of my biggest worries going into this season was how the red suit would translate visually into the world they’ve built. Would it stick out like a sore thumb or would it like a glove? After watching this trailer countless times trailer, I must admit that the suit looked pretty damn decent in relation to the show’s aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel like the main suit could have taken a better direction but given the way how they sell it onscreen, I’m slowly coming to terms with it.

That Brand New Spanking Mask – is the cherry on top of this delicious sundae of a trailer. We witness in the trailer that Daredevil takes too much of a beating to the point that his mask sort of shatters in half. We get glimpses of a tattered and torn Daredevil suit and a brand new one, fully crimson mask and all. It’s a damn good upgrade and a commendable step in the right direction in getting the perfect Daredevil costume. I absolutely love it.

There you have it folks! What an intense trailer that was. I am so sold on the direction and guidance of showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez. From the looks of this 2 minute trailer alone, you can tell how deep and dark they’re going this time around. It certainly looks a lot more cinematic than Season 1. Overall it’s one hell of a trailer and I cannot wait for the next one 10 days from now (a date which they were kind enough to announce).