A mere 3 days away from the show’s premiere, Marvel and Netflix decided to be the teases that they are and put out the final trailer for Daredevil Season 2. Despite being a lot more brief compared to its 2 predecessors, the trailer is packed with more than enough moments that hint at the larger scope of the series. As always with every new trailer, here is our breakdown.

“This city is ground zero in a war that doesn’t even know is happening.”

“And everything changed.”


We got Scott Glenn dishing out some of his Chaste knowledge to presumably his former prized pupil Matt Murdock about the ancient war they’ve been involved in against The Hand. The old man has been teasing cryptic things since the first season so it’s cool that things are finally coming to light.

“This war is bigger than everyone.”


Elektra bursts into what looks like Matt’s apartment to confront her former master, Stick and she looks pissed. Why? Who knows. Maybe Stick bailed on another student when things got too emotional again. Elektra does have a lot of baggage with her.

“The rising is coming.”


It’s a line heard from the previous trailer. As I’ve mentioned there it could mean a lot of things. My main theory is that its an out of context reference to The Beast, an entity worshiped by the Hand whom they’ve been trying to summon for the longest time.

“This is a war I need to fight alone. My way.”

DD on roof

An often talked about character arc for Hornhead this season is his new found bravado as the protector of Hell’s Kitchen. He’s gotten more successful in his nightly antics so he feels good about himself carrying the weight of the world – or city – on his shoulders. That is until he learns about the ninjas lurking beneath New York.

DD vs Ninjas

In a fantastic brief sequence, we see Daredevil taking on a bunch of ninjas in the tunnels of New York. Daredevil opts to use his fists against some CGI looking swords. Joking aside, it’s interesting to see how Daredevil gets out of this. He certainly didn’t get off scat free in his fight against Nobu. Looking forward to how this fight ends. This might be the next hallway fight the creators have been teasing but then again, there’s a seemingly high number of hallway fights this season as evidenced by scenes from the previous trailers.


And it’s the Punisher in prison garb. Drenched in blood.

I fear that the path you’ve chosen isn’t going to be an easy one.


During a montage that starts with this ominous figure we believe to be Madame Gao, The Hand is shown prominently as the presumed Gao recites her line. Glimpses of Daredevil, Elektra, and Punisher dealing with a multitude of problems.

Evil has begun Matthew and if you get in my way, I’m going to kill you too.

Elektra and DD

In a shot that includes Daredevil saving a falling girl, possibly Elektra, she delivers a threat that makes her hard to trust. I have been wondering how her role will be played out as well as her connections to The Hand. Following this threat up with a passionate kiss is just as confusing for me as I’m sure it is for Matt.

Punisher vs DD

The last shot of the trailer was something I really enjoyed about this latest trailer. Not only does it feature Daredevil and Punisher squaring off, parts are in slow motion to really show off the fighting choreography. I do not recall season 1 using that much slow motion during fight sequences, so when it was used multiple times in the trailer I got a real Matrix vibe.

Season 2 of Daredevil will debut exclusively on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PST this Friday.

You can catch the final trailer by heading over here, or you can watch our “remix” of the first two trailers over here.