With the actual show a little bit over a week away, Marvel and Netflix have released the final trailer for Jessica Jones and by God is it amazing! I personally prefer the new trailer’s balls-to-the-wall raunchy tone over the first one’s atmospheric take. Looking straight out of a Fincher project, this new trailer is more Dragon Tattoo than it is Se7en. Instead of a full-on elaborate breakdown like last time, I’ll be doing a quick run through as the trailer pretty much hits all the same beats found in the previous one sans a few revealing moments.

It still begins with the flirty and fun dynamic between Jessica and Luke Cage. The trailer for this one, however, goes all out with numerous alcohol references. Jessica loves her whiskey and the trailer proudly shows this even more so than the last one.

We get to see more action sequences too. The rumble in the bar stands out the most to me because it’s our first glimpse at a fight involving both Luke and Jessica. A mild precursor to future Defenders fight scenes, if you will.

One of the most notable aspects of the trailer is how much Kilgrave action we get to see. In this scene in particular, we see a poor cop about to jump off a ledge of a building. It’s an interesting parallel to Kilgrave’s first appearance in comics wherein he manipulates Karen Page into jumping off a ledge.

The more we see Will Traval’s Officer Simpson, the more I’m convinced that he’s a full on villain. I could totally see him being the James Wesley of the series. It’s interesting considering how Traval downplays the character’s sense of villainy in interviews, calling Simpson a good cop with a black and white sense of justice. Could he be a good guy under the spell of the Purple Man all along?

I mentioned it in the previous breakdown that Jessica chopping down something with an ax could be a serious indication of something grave. Turns out that it’s indeed just her smashing concrete. What stands out to me is the blurred image of a man (or woman?) standing next to Kilgrave. Could it be someone from Jessica’s past? Could it just be some hapless victim that was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Our clearest look at Kilgrave yet. Look at him smugly chilling out as Jessica panics to save the lives of officers and civilians about to commit mass murder.

Who else thought that she was going to punch the fuck out of that train?

Sealing the deal with it’s Trent Reznor-esque score, unapologetic depiction of Jessica’s badassery and Luke Cage’s quote – “You are a hard drinking, shortfused, mess of a woman,” this trailer is an instant favorite of mine. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come since it’s announcement one year ago. In just ten days, we’ll finally get to see Jessica in all her much deserved glory.