Yesterday, here at the MCU Exchange, we shared that there were rumors of Sub-Mariner filming in Hawaii. Nothing featuring Namor has been officially announced, but today, the evidence pointing toward the project is even stronger.

Production Weekly shows “Sub-Mariner” on the list of projects going into production. This list includes both Movies and TV shows, so it’s not certain which way the project is going. It’s possible that this is the mysterious John Ridley project that has been under development for a while.

Namor is one of Marvel Comics oldest characters. First appearing alongside the android Human Torch (Jim Hammond) in 1939, Namor is a human/Atlantean hybrid that is among the most powerful and least trustworthy of Marvel’s stable of characters. A charismatic and powerful leader, Namor has worked both with and against Marvel’s heroes, often choosing to serve the best interests of himself and his kingdom of Atlantis over the greater good. His arrogance and duality make him the perfect antihero.

What do you think about seeing Namor in the MCU? Share your excitement and speculation in the comments!

Production Weekly