After seeing tons of new pictures of final outing leading up to The Defenders, we finally have a brand new trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist and boy is it glorious. Ninjas. Madame Gao. Colleen Wing. Katanas. It is almost everything we’ve ever wanted for an Iron Fist show. In fact, the only thing that’s missing is a giant dragon but that’s just us being ungrateful and spoiled. anyway, here’s our trailer breakdown!


We open with some nineties-inspired hip hop, an influence Finn Jones confirmed recently. Danny’s walking up to a home he hasn’t set foot on for the longest time. It’s a moment we saw in the early teasers and it’s the entire scene that was previewed in last year’s NYCC.


Hi! I’m Danny Rand and I’ve been away for a long time.

…says Danny as the receptionist looks baffled at this hobo looking guy entering a prestigious high rise. She is quick to have security escort him out and as we can all expect from hobos getting ruffled by security, someone always gets hurt.


I left here 10 years old, on a jet with my parents. I became the lone survivor.

This is one of the biggest departures from the source material I’ve seen so far. In the comics, the Rand family on goes a hiking expedition in search of K’un L’un in the Himalayas that ends in tragedy. From the looks of this, it seems that they’re straying away from the baggage Wendell Rand’s story has; his obsession with K’un L’un and mentor Orson Randall. I’m hoping I’m wrong though as that’s one of the best parts of the Iron Fist story.


Danny Rand. Back from the dead. Why has he waited this long to show up? How the hell did he learn martial arts?

We get a first great look at David Wenham’s Harold Meachum. Rival to his father’s corporation, an Obadiah Stane figure in this series and quite possibly the reason the Rands are dead. Wenham’s Meachum is one of the few confirmed villains in this show. I gotta say it’s refreshing to see David Wenham go evil for a change.


Where’d you train?

We finally hear Colleen Wing speak for the first time. And to no one’s surprise, they’re teasing a romantic angle between Danny and herself. It’s a scene that will likely be reminiscent of Matt and Elektra’s playful fight in Daredevil Season 2.


K’un L’un.

The city hidden in the Himalayas is subtly teased but never fully revealed. That shot of the mountainside at least confirms that it’s hidden in that region so there’s that. We do get to see some of the monks inhabiting the fabled city, two of which I’m hoping is Yu-Ti and Lei Kung the Thunderer.


We also get to see this fantastic shot of Danny in a robe brandishing his signature colors and a ton of burn marks. If I were a betting man, this is confirmation that Danny does encounter a dragon in K’un L’un. This scene is also likely from Episode 6 titled Immortal Emerges From Cave which hip-hop icon RZA directed.


My father instilled in me a love and respect for this company that has never faded. This is my home.

Danny stares at a grave with his own name on it. All this focus on his father makes me think there’s more to their plane crash.


Rand is my company.

We see a shot of the suited Harold Meachum. Disdainful looking with blood splattered all over his face. This moment seems very familiar in a Marvel Netflix trailer. Like they watched that scene of Cottonmouth beating that kid up with his fists too much.


This city is no place for Danny Rand.

Madame Freaking Gao. Seeing her role finally pay off in a big exciting way is so worth it.


Danny, what happened to you? Why are you really back here?

The daughter of Harold Meachum, Heather, confronts Danny about his mysterious return. Of course, Danny’s reasons are in response to something sinister brewing in New York.


Bad people have gotten on the inside. Criminals.

I love this shot because it reminds me of the seventh episode of Daredevil Season 1 where Stick and Matt look for the Black Sky in a shipping yard. Could whoever is the villain be smuggling evil things into New York?


I know what they are, what they can do.

We see a shot of Harold looking at a particular symbol on a piece of glass; a white handprint. And if there’s any Marvel character in the street-realm of things, it’s Echo. Could they be teasing an appearance by the deaf Maya Lopez?


To fight back, we need someone with special skills.

Rosario dishing out some sound advice from her experiences with gifted good-looking vigilantes. Anything Rosario’s in, we’re in. Except for Pluto Nash.


I’ve been training my whole life for this. It is my destiny.

Alas, we get another look at the famed symbol of the Steel Serpent. The last time we saw it was 2 years ago when Daredevil crossed paths with Madame Gao. We’re not 100% sure if he shows up in the trailer but we have some speculations as to who it is that we want to talk about in a few.

enter image description here

It’s time.

We get a series of montage shots with Danny finally rocking those glowing fists. With it, he destroys a few walls, knocks out a SWAT team and makes a badass action pose.


I’m going with you.

No, you’re not.

You need me.


Like Daredevil, Danny is reluctant to partner up with someone but as we witness in the following scenes, their pairing turns out for the best. They fight a bunch of katana wielding ninjas in broad daylight; Danny evades a shuriken thrown at him, to his own amazement; and an unnamed bald guy (Shang Chi anyone?!) stands behind Danny as they’re surrounded by goons that look like rejects from America’s Best Dance Crew.


Change is coming, Danny. Become who you’re meant to be.

While we aren’t fully certain on this, we had someone from the set of the show tell us that this character is Davos the Steel Serpent. Some of us on the MCUEx team don’t buy it because that’s not how we expected Davos to look like but who knows? Davos for some reason is being kept under wraps just like they did with Diamondback for Luke Cage.


How awesome is this shot in the rain?!

enter image description here

I am the Iron Fist.

What the hell does that mean?

Claire, the Iron Fist means THIS

enter image description here

While I’m not too keen on the dubstep track and the squeaky clean production value for K’un L’un, I still find this to be one hell of a trailer. It’s crazy to think that we now have an Immortal Weapon existing within the confines of the MCU. March 17 can’t come any sooner.

You can check out the trailer in its full glory right here.