UPDATED: While Heroic Hollywood and Deadline were unable to find out who Barbieri will be playing in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the folks over at Comicbook.com were able to do some digging and found out exactly which character he’ll be portraying, and it’s definitely an interesting one.

Comicbook.com sources tell us Barbieri’s character will be a new one,
though he’ll be based off the Ultimate Spider-Man character Ganke. In
that comicbook from Marvel Comics, Ganke is the trusted best friend of
the other Spider-Man, Miles Morales. His affinity for Superheroes and
unwavering optimism and support of his friend are his standout
characteristics, which can be expected to be found in Barbieri’s new

You can read the original unedited article below.

With production on Spider-Man: Homecoming set to kick-off in Atlanta this month, Marvel and Sony are beginning to fill out the rest of the cast. We know that Tom Holland, who made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Spider-Man in May’s Captain America: Civil War, will reprise his role as the titular character, and will be joined by fellow cast members Zendaya, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/Tony Stark), and Michael Keaton (villain). And now today, we have yet another name to add to that list. Heroic Hollywood has reported that relative newcomer Michael Barbieri has joined the cast, something that has since confirmed by the folks over at Deadline.

Per Heroic Hollywood, Barbieri is set to play Peter’s friend. Unfortunately, that’s about as much information as they’re able to provide at this time.

I’m told Barbieri is playing “one of Peter Parker’s friends” and is supposed to report to Pinewood Atlanta this month for a summer shoot.

Deadline, who followed up HH’s report shortly thereafter, went on to say that this casting is just beginning to come together, so that could explain the vague details.

Michael Barbieri is in negotiations to join the cast of Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Homecoming, the reboot of the Marvel franchise that stars Tom Holland and is being directed by Jon Watts. This one is just coming together.

Barbieri, who is only fourteen, is currently working on Sony’s The Dark Tower alongside the likes of Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. Stay tuned as Marvel Studios will more than likely officially announce the cast for Spider-Man: Homecoming in the coming weeks as production is scheduled to kick off on/around June 20th.

Sources: Heroic Hollywood and Deadline.