One of the most famous Marvel characters yet to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Namor the Sub-Mariner, otherwise known as the world’s first mutant. The rights to Namor are still in a no man’s land-esque area, with Marvel Studios reportedly owning the IP rights but Universal still holding onto the distribution rights, but all signs are pointing to Feige and Co. being able to at least include him in an ensemble cast ala Hulk. This has led to heavy speculation amongst fans regarding when he’d appear and who might play him.

When the reports on Namor’s rights broke, actor Brian Tee was first to speak up and mention he has had his eye on the role, as we reported here. Tee, best known for playing Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, has actually already joined the MCU, having appeared as Toshiro Mori in a season two episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entitled “A Fractured House.” Already being a part of the MCU certainly makes it slightly less likely that he’ll be cast in a major movie role for Marvel, but not entirely impossible.

Now, Tee is reinforcing his original statements in an interview with

You know what’s funny is my career I’ve kind of played villains, guys with attitude, guys with chips on their shoulders, um, in reading the comics books and being a fan of Namor, that’s kind of this guy’s persona,” Tee said. “Even though he’s a hero or a quote unquote good guy. He’s kind of a bit of an anti-hero with a bit of an edge, and I feel like I kind of fall in that line, especially with other things that I’ve done. So that’s the kind of aspect that I would love to bring into Namor. He’s not just like a good guy, you know, he’s definitely got some faults of his own, but I think when it really boils down to doing the right thing he will, and you know it’s Namor, it’s Marvel, it’s the first Mutant, it’s everything you can kind of dreamed of as a kid and wanted to portray, and so I would absolutely love and be honored to play him if the time does come around, and I thank you guys for the movement!

While Tee would be great in the role, it may benefit the MCU to hire an actor with more credibility like Oscar Nominee Ken Watanabe or Narcos alum Pedro Pascal.

Regardless of who plays the character, it would be exciting to see him on the big screen. Who do you want to see play Namor? Let us know below!