Later tonight, we will get a double dose of Agent Carter as ABC will air both episode 6, “Life of the Party”, and episode 7, “Monsters”, from the show’s second season. As was revealed in the episode 6 synopsis and later the promo for tonight’s episodes, this week will bring Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) back into the fold.

Dottie has been a fun and interesting character to watch throughout the duration of Agent Carter, and with her now returning to help Peggy, I can not wait to see what kind of trouble unfolds. Regan has recently been talking with a ton of outlets about her return and we will start with her interview with TVLine.

Tonight’s episodes will force Peggy to trust in Dottie, something she is not completely confident in. Regan knows the risk Peggy is taking, and does not promise that everything will work out the way Peggy hopes.

She’s certainly taking a risk, but Peggy is left with no other choice. She’s really injured — which Dottie can see right away when she walks into the prison — and there’s no other woman she can think of [to accompany Jarvis to a political gala]. But Dottie, she’s a loose cannon. We don’t know what she’s going to do. Is she going to play along and follow her orders, or is she going to leave the first second she can? Peggy tries to protect herself — they’ve got the Stark gadgets attached to her, trying to keep her in lockdown — but Dottie is unpredictable, which is one of the best things about her.

Dottie’s role tonight will bring her face to face with Whitney Frost. This is where we will learn a lot about just how strong Dottie is and how well she was trained.

Shes a product of her training. Not everyone survives the Red Room [Soviet brainwashing and training program], so she’s obviously the star student there. But I love that in these episodes we get to see just how strong she is, with Vernon Masters (played by Kurtwood Smith). And then she’s pushed by Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) and we see where Dottie is human, which I love. That’s one of my favorite things about the whole Black Widow world, is that these Agent Carter characters aren’t superhuman. They’re human, just super-badass.

Before she is interrogated by Frost, she will be going on a date with Jarvis, where dancing will be involved. She does not reveal what all happens during their time together, but Regan thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Well, obviously, working with James D’Arcy is so much fun. He is so funny, and I love how much comedy there is in the writing for him. And we had so much fun in that ballroom scene. We saw the blooper reel at the [Season 2] wrap party and there’s a lot from that day. [Laughs]

When Regan later spoke to IGN, they touched on a lot of the same topics. There were some new topics brought up, such as Dottie’s obsession with Peggy. Right when she was introduced, the affection for her shined through. Between the kiss, dressing up like her, and impersonating Peggy, it’s hard to figure out exactly what Dottie’s intentions are. Regan explained their relationship as not sexual, but competitive.

I wouldn’t call it a sexual attraction, but Dottie is a sexual creature and she uses flirtation and her feminine prowess as one of her tools that she uses. Her relationship with Peggy is very unique. She’s never seen anyone like her before and she’s never been beaten before. There’s this competitive but playful obsession with her. She knows that to be on top she has to beat Peggy and the last time Dottie saw Peggy, she lost. So there is this need to beat her. So Dottie does want to get under her skin. She tries to make her feel uncomfortable and that might be with a look or a glance or what she says. It’s such a great relationship. I love how it’s written because she really does like her a lot. It’s fascinating and she’s like the rest of us, the audience. She’s really drawn to this character and wants to be near her. It’s a lot of fun to play because Hayley is so talented and strong and playful in terms of when we’re doing the scenes and I love working with her.

They also asked her about the casting process to get the role and when she learned about Dottie’s origin. It appears that she found out shortly after being cast, but had to change up her appearance as to not make it too obvious for fans.

I didn’t know she was a Black Widow when I auditioned but I quickly knew after I was cast, because they told me I needed to change my hair – because I had red hair at the time and they didn’t want it to be a tip to the audience, because of Natasha. They didn’t want to imply that every Black Widow had red hair and they didn’t want the audience to see it coming.

Episode 6, “Life of the Party”, and episode 7, “Monsters”, of Agent Carter will air back-to-back tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Be sure to tune in!

Sources: TVLine & IGN.