In a recent interview with E! News, Brie Larson said something interesting about Captain Marvel and the strength of Carol Danvers.

“She’s so, so strong. She can move planets!”

This could be an exaggeration or hyperbole on Larson’s part in her excitement for the movie and character, but Kevin Feige and those associated with the production have been pushing her as the strongest hero they’ve ever introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and being able to move planets certainly fits that bill. This would even make her stronger than in the comics, who doesn’t display any such comparable raw strength. Although, she has destroyed a planet single-handedly with an energy blast, punched enormous asteroids to dust, and absorbed the energy of an exploding sun, but she hasn’t done anything nearly as spectacular as physically moving an entire planet.

However, if this is the case and not an exaggeration, I doubt that she can just do so willy-nilly and that she’ll have to be in her Binary Form to perform such a feat. This form is only achievable if she’s able to absorb enough energy, which I believe will be a big factor into why and how she’s able to be the strongest in the MCU. Marvel Studios might just amp up her energy absorption powers and her Binary Form to achieve it.

It’ll be excited to see how they will be able to make a character so powerful, yet still vulnerable as the Russos address during the press junket for Avengers: Infinity War.

“Well for us, with super powerful characters, it’s always about the flaw in the character, how is the character human? How is the character accessible?” Joe Russo said. “I have a hard time with comic book characters, I did as a child, that were too powerful because I never feared for them, I never felt like I could relate to them. I think that’s why traditionally Batman is the most popular DC comic character, he’s human. So, it’s important for us when we’re working with uber-powerful characters, to understand their vulnerability on a psychological level.”

Source: E! News