During promotion for Kong: Skull Island, Brie Larson has been fielding some answers about Captain Marvel, even though the film is still more than two years from release. While speaking with IGN she shared a little about the role and the preparation she’s doing for the role. Generally speaking, she was very positive about her upcoming take on Carol Danvers.

When it comes to her, I mean, just the fact that she can be a bridge between two worlds, that she can go between earth and space. And that her own personal place is in this little area between where earth ends and space begins that’s only her’s is so moving to me. I’m just inspired, I’ve been so inspired going through the comics and reading them right now.

These comments are particularly interesting because thus far fans don’t have much information about the scope of the film. A Captain Marvel story could go in a lot of directions, but the connection with outer space and the Kree is definitely one way the film could go. Marvel is poised to continue its expansion into the cosmic side of the universe, and Captain Marvel is another opportunity to do so. While it’s probably too early to know exactly what the script looks like, and these comments may just reflect Larson’s favorite comic storylines, it would seem that the space-focused parts of the character are at least still on the table.

Larson is also becoming aware of just how passionate, opinionated, and vocal comic book fans can be about their source material. She’s already getting an earful about what she will do with her hair during filming.

I can’t say anything…This is a big conversation. Every day I have people yelling at me on twitter like “You better have long hair or “You better have a mohawk” or “You better wear the helmet” or “You better not wear the helmet.” Someone’s gonna be mad.

She’s definitely right about the last part. Some cheering section will not get their way. Let’s hope that it remains a sensible conversation. There is something that feels a little sexist about going overboard on how her hair looks. (Does anyone remark on how important Tony Stark’s hair length is to the character? Do people barrage Tom Holland with tweets about the proper Peter Parker look?) Still, fans have their own idea of how the character should look (as the fan art mockups show) and undoubtedly the mohawk will be a major point of contention. It will be interesting to see if the helmet also plays a functional role in Captain Marvel’s ability to enter a space environment.

Are you excited about Captain Marvel? Does it sound to you like Larson is a good choice to play Ms. Danvers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: IGN