There is a lot of possibility in whatever Marvel Studios and Marvel Television are cooking up for the future of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. This opens up the question what characters we could potentially see rise up the ranks to become Marvel’s next top IP due to their involvement in the ever-expanding cross-media franchise. We have seen some actors throw in their names to play various characters, as an example Anna Kendrick hoping to play Squirrel Girl, who will be the main focus of the upcoming New Warriors TV show. It seems another contender has thrown their name in for a potential Marvel character.

Stephanie Beatriz has shown her comedy chops as part of the cast from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where she plays the no-nonsense Detective Rosa Diaz. She actually would make a great counter-balance to the more crazy antics of Squirrel Girl in New Warriors. While the main cast has already been set for the comedy show, there is always the possibility to see new members join the group and add some variety for each season. With the character have been given her own solo series, the Freeform Executive VP of Production, Karey Burke, has pointed out that every character has the potential to get their own spin-off show.

America Chavez is a rather complex character, as she was raised in the Utopian Parallel, which is another dimension. After losing her parents, she ran away in hopes to prove herself as a hero. She jumped from one dimension to another earning the name, Miss America. While Doctor Strange introduced the concepts of multiple dimensions, it is difficult to say if we will in fact see this incarnation of her character, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed aspects of characters’ backgrounds to make them more accessible for audiences. Giving her a movie after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, which could see some ripple affects across the galaxy, would offer itself to establish a new direction for Phase 4.

Beatriz isn’t the first actor to vouch for the America Chavez role. A few months ago, Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez brought up the possibility of playing the character as well.

What are your thoughts on a potential America Chavez show? What direction do you think they could head with it?

Source: CBR