So much for a quiet news week! The embargo for the Thor: Ragnarok set visit reports has been lifted so you can expect a ton of coverage from us in the coming days. To kick things off, the good folks at Collider have learned an interesting detail about the Hulk, revealing just how long has Bruce Banner been in Hulk form in the planet Sakaar.

In Sakaar, Hulk has been in ‘Hulk-form’ for two years straight, having given up on that puny Bruce Banner; yet still, The Hulk feels miserable. To cheer the big green fella up and keep him as the star attraction in his gladiatorial battles, The Grand Master decorates Sakaar with ‘Hulk piñatas’, posters and memorabilia – all to show how much The Hulk is loved/appreciated there.

There a couple of interesting implications to Banner being in Hulk form for 2 years straight. We’ve learned over the course of Bruce Banner’s multiple MCU appearances that it ain’t a great feeling transforming into this immensely powerful emerald giant. The psychological toll of that powerful alter ego dominating Bruce Banner’s mind for 2 years straight is something that is worth exploring or at least mentioning in his brief appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. It also explains how Hulk managed to develop the speech capabilities of a toddler, hinting that Hulk’s intelligence develops the longer he’s in that form. Banner being Hulked out this long also brings up the question of why exactly did Hulk give up on his human side. Was Banner simply too weak willed to survive in the harsh society of Sakaar? Did the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron scar Banner that badly? We’ve seen Banner as his normal self in the trailer. Did Hulk revert back into Banner for the first time in 2 years once Thor arrived in Sakaar?

The idea that Grandmaster goes out of his way to make his people show love for the Hulk is hilarious. The Hulk is a revered champion in these areas and we’re super excited what kind of memorabilias does Sakaar have. It also makes us wonder whether the Grandmaster is aware of the Banner alter ego in the first place.

Source: Collider

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