Thor: Ragnarok is starting to get more traction, as we were not only greeted by artwork from the film but now also received a few glimpses from behind-the-scenes of the production. While the only real main character we see is Thor, it does offer an interesting look at what direction this film is taking. Many might think that the characters in the following pictures look less like they are from the Nine Realms, but rather beyond it. The usage of color and their design feels more akin to Guardians of the Galaxy rather than a Thor film. It seems that Thor might go beyond the Nine Realms to explore beyond, but it does raise the question what this means for Asgard. It was teased that this once proud world might be facing its end. Could these events push Thor to seek beyond the limits of the Nine Realms and enter the more cosmic side of Marvel?



This departure also makes sense considering the involvement of the Grandmaster in the film, who will be pitting Thor against his once ally, Hulk. We were given a better look at his design with the classic Planet Hulk armor in the early artwork, but this picture shows a pre-render of these two Marvel titans colliding. It’s still only a rough animation of what is to be expected by this gladiator throw down, but it is exciting to see this fight finally hitting the silver screen.


People were wondering what happened to Mjolnir, as in a piece of artwork for Avengers: Infinity War, Thor seems to be holding his axe Jarnbjorn instead of his usual weapon of choice. It is still unclear what this means for Thor’s trusty hammer, but he seems to still wield it throughout Ragnarok besides also getting his hands on other weapons. Even more curious is the fact that he seems to be fighting against what seems to be a zombie. This could be a sign of Hela resurrecting the dead to use as her army against the Asgardians. Thor is wearing his classic armor which could date it at an earlier point of the film.

The later pictures show him donning a more simplified design that was teased back when the production officially ended. It is quite different than his usual clothing, but it is nice to see him wear a new set of armor. Another interesting tidbit is the bizarre horns lurking in the background. The darkness surrounding him would hint at him facing Hela in Hel, but looking closer it would remind comic fans more of Surtur’s horns from the comics. Could we finally see the fire demon make his appearance after all?