We never officially covered it but a few weeks ago, filming for The Runaways pilot was completed. The production for the first episode, unfortunately, culminated with one of the cast members buying them Jamba Juice instead of the more appreciated dead hogs and used condoms by way of Jared Leto. Speaking to Games Radar, Buffy star James Marsters who plays one of the Runaways’ evil dads opened up about his experience working with the cast, young and old. He had this to say:

It’s a huge cast and everyone’s nice! Everyone’s really good at acting. There’s fifteen to seventeen of us, and I can’t spot a weak link, I’m really excited to see how it goes forward. I’m having a great time filming it; the director is fabulous and the actors are very experienced… the cast is kind of divided between parents and children, and the people playing the parents are all very experienced – resumes as long as your arm – but have not lost their child-like willingness to be playful, which is essential.

And the actors playing the younger characters all have great instincts and a great attitude, and when we sat down for the table read, the takeaway from everyone was ‘My god, all the young people are fabulous… this is going to be a really good show!’ was the consensus.

If he’s excited about it then we’re excited about it. It’s especially encouraging to see an actor of Marsters’ cult-TV caliber to rave about the young’uns of this incredibly diverse cast. We have mostly no way of gauging how great these kids are in front of the camera so it’s nice to know that they’re holding up on their own. Filming for the Hulu show is currently ongoing so we should be able to expect more news and set pictures in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Source: Games Radar