Fans of Daredevil collectively screamed in glee when we uncovered a leak revealing that Bullseye was set to be the series’ latest big bad, in addition to the return of Wilson Fisk. Our friends at That Hashtag Show quickly followed that rumor up by confirming that the role had been cast under our noses all along, when Wilson Bethel joined the ensemble back in November. Now, an image has surfaced on Instagram (via a production designer whose name we censored) revealing the season’s production logo designed exclusively for the crew, confirming Bullseye’s presence in the season.

There’s no telling whether this logo makes the actual marketing campaign for the film. So much about the third season is being kept heavily under wraps at this point in the post-production. But given how iconic and tethered that symbol is to the Daredevil mythos, they’d be crazy not to make this center of their campaign. That and the return of Wilson Fisk. Matt Murdock’s life is about turn into shit!

Source: Instagram