The last few days have been absolutely chock full of news and rumors about Marvel’s Disney+ shows, and we at MCUExchange have been more than happy to eat it all up like candy! One of the shows that has the fans most excited is Moon Knight, and while there is nothing confirmed for casting or even a release date yet, we now have a double dose of new rumors to help us with the wait. Two new reports from MCU Cosmic and DanielRPK have revealed that the new MCU hero will be doing battle against two of his most famous villains from the comics: Bushman and Werewolf. These can only be classified as rumors at this point, but the implications are exciting nonetheless!

Jack Russell originated back in the ’70s in “Werewolf by Night,” where Moon Knight made his original debut as something of an antagonist against Russell before moving to hero status a short time later. It was reported back in August that Marvel had been planning to use the character in one of their future movies or TV series, and it seems to be narrowing in on Moon Knight, which would be a great fit and would lead to some very exciting potential storylines for all the characters involved.

The Bushman news is expected for the series, seeing as he was the character that nearly killed Marc Spector in the first place and fully pushed his transformation into the white cape and cowl. Both villains could also lead into connections with other MCU properties, most notably Blade, and the thought of Mahershala Ali doing battle with either of these adversaries in the future would have all of us fans shaking in our boots with anticipation.

With both Bushman and Werewolf by Night rumored to have some kind of a role in Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, the possibilities get more exciting by the day as we continue waiting for the official release on Disney+!

Source: Comicbook via Daniel RPK and MCU Cosmic