During the promotional run for Captain America: Civil War, both before and after the film came out, we got plenty of interesting statements from the directors, actors, and executives at Marvel Studios. One of the biggest topics was Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and the desire for her to get her own solo film. And although she hasn’t had her own film yet, she has had a prominent role in Civil War as well as The Winter Soldier. However, as big of a role as she played in the film, she almost had at least one extra scene in Civil War, where she was supposed to fight Cap according to the writers. While it did not make the final cut of the film, I’m sure that it would have been just another highlight in the mega airport fight.

If you were dying to see that fight, today is your lucky day. Kind of. Artist Darrin Denlinger has been releasing some of the storyboards he did for the film, including his take on Steve saving Bucky and the fallout from that rescue – both of which can be seen later on in the post. The biggest one is the fight between Captain America and Black Widow and as you can see at the top of the post, it looks like it would have been pretty great. Cap stops punches, Widow steals the shield, and she has a very Hawkeye-esque fall using her grappling gun instead of a bow and arrow.

It is unclear whether or not this scene was actually shot, but if it was, I hope it is attached to the Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray. If those previously described storyboards interest you as well, you can view each of them below.

If you like Denlinger’s work, he has some other storyboards up on his YouTube channel for Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Avengers. Be sure to check out his other work and let us know what you thought of the fight between Captain America and Black Widow in the comments below!

Captain America: Civil War is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

Source: Darrin Denlinger (via Les Toiles Heroiques).