The return of a nomadic Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War will no doubt be one of the dozens of highlights in next year’s installment of Avengers. Ever since the first descriptions of Infinity War footage surfaced from D23 surfaced, fans were no doubt hyped at the description that Cap had a beard and was seen wearing a sleek black outfit. And when SDCC hit, Cap’s bearded look was finally unveiled to the public, leaving his alleged black suit still a mystery. And a couple of hours ago, some new promo art surfaced online depicting what seems to be Cap’s complete look in the Avengers threequel. The art, which originated from a Disney artist’s IG page and has since been deleted features Steve Rogers himself along with Star-Lord, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Rocket Raccoon and a grumpy looking Teenage Groot.

The costume looks, to say the least, surprisingly the same as his old suit minus the raggedness. Surprising because all that talk about a black suit set our expectations. The costume literally is his Civil War get up minus the white star, Avengers logo with his sleeves rolled up. We’re hoping that the film ends up featuring a brand new updated sleek black suit (from T’Challa perhaps?) and that this is just an alternative suit Cap has to wear when it’s in the laundry. As for the rest of the Infinity War team, this is a pretty cool image. Iron Man’s latest armor looks a lot more alien than it ever did which makes sense considering how much of this film will take place in space. It’s fantastic seeing this particular group of heroes share an image together, even if it’s mostly cut-out images and not well edited.

What do you think of this concept art? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Steve Cas

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