In the Captain America trilogy, we have seen how much Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) means to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), something that is also true in the seventy-five years of comics used as inspiration for the films. Rogers and Barnes have a friendship that transcends super-powers and time, making them more like brothers. Captain America: Civil War showed that Barnes truly means more to Rogers than anything else.

Anthony Russo, one-half the the Russo Brothers team that directed Civil War revealed to IGN that there was originally a hint at another story from the comics, which features Barnes and Rogers. However, the reference didn’t make it into the final cut.

“There is a scene that is a cut scene. It’s a small piece of the fight at Leipzig where there’s a very fun interaction between Cap and Bucky, and it kind of hints at a favorite storyline in the books,” Anthony said. “I won’t go into the detail about it, but there’s a little tease in that scene that is pretty fun.”

While Russo’s comments, on the surface, make it sound like a fun little shout-out to the comic books that was originally included in the movie, the secrecy surrounding the missing scene (which will not be on the DVD) implies that it would have had more far-reaching impacts.

“It’s a comic book story, and I can’t say whether or not it’s going to factor into the movies,” Anthony explained.

With so much reference material to pull from, the interaction between Cap and Bucky could have been anything, but the fact that it would have had an impact on the future movies is intriguing. The Russo Brothers continuing to hold on to story-lines that include Cap and Bucky interaction for potential future plots is also interesting for the future of the MCU. What do you think the reference might have been? Let us know in the comments!

Source: IGN via Comic Book