With the DVD & Blu-Ray release of Captain America: Civil War two weeks from today, more videos are surfacing online in regards to the extra features that will be packaged into the summer blockbuster’s home media release.

Originally confirmed in June as a part of the Blu-Ray release, Facebook user Eddie Ngaluafe shared a video of the Doctor Strange sneak peak.

While there seems to be little footage in this featurette that hasn’t been released in the trailers thus far, it does include several clips of behind the scenes footage as well as plenty of concept art stills.

In addition to the behind the scenes footage and concept art, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson provide additional commentary on the production of Marvel’s latest foray into the MCU.

You can see the full video posted below:

Doctor Strange will hit the big screen on November 4th, 2016.

Source: Facebook