In May, Netflix and Disney made a monumental deal, where all Disney movies will air exclusively on the subscription service when they reach that point in their distribution schedule. While Starz has been showing some of the older MCU films, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Netflix will have the rights (in America) to show all Disney films that come after Captain America: Civil War.

The future is here, and if you have Captain America: Civil War on your Christmas list, Netflix is going to make that list a little bit shorter. The December Netflix schedule shows that the blockbuster will be available on December 25, just in time to watch it on any new phones, tablets, laptops, or televisions that Santa may bring. However, if you want all the special features, you probably want to keep the DVD or Blu-Ray version of the film on your list.

Will you be watching Captain America: Civil War on Christmas Day, save it to get away from “Best of 2016” marathons, or watch it on loop until the next Marvel property hits the streaming service? Let us know, in the comments!