Phase 3 is off to a great financial start for Marvel and Captain America: Civil War is the reason why. The movie was projected to open big in all markets and over the course of its first ten days it has done just that. Exhibitor Relations has updated just how well the film has done so far, and it appears that the film has finally joined the elite ranks of the few films that have managed to cross $300 Million domestically.

The $300M milestone gives Civil War the seventh highest domestic total of all MCU films, with it having a good shot at getting near Iron Man 3‘s $409M that is currently good for third among all Marvel movies. In other news, the film has continued to do exceptionally well overseas as it inches closer to breaking the one billion mark. It has now passed $950M and should gross over $1B by this weekend.

With Civil War sitting at $957M worldwide, it is already the fourth highest grossing MCU film. Next up on the list is Iron Man 3, which grossed $1.215B. It is unlikely it can become the highest grossing MCU movie, but it should be top three. If it has really good legs, and this third weekend should be telling, getting past the $1.4B that Avengers: Age of Ultron grossed could be possible.

Captain America: Civil War is currently out in theaters worldwide.

Source: Exhibitor Relations.