A little over a month out from release, Captain America: Civil War has managed to hit yet another milestone at the box office. It has become the first film this year to cross $400 Million domestically! Even more impressive? With each new Captain America film, the box office has only continued to climb. The first film, Captain America: The First Avenger, pulled in $176,654,505 domestically (and $370,569,774 worldwide), whereas its sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier pulled in $259,766,572 domestically (and $714,421,503 worldwide). While those numbers are nowhere near Iron Man numbers, they’ve definitely cemented Cap’s place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In its 43rd day of release, Disney-Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War becomes the first movie this year to fly past $400 million at the domestic box office in a year that began racking up $300M-plus grossing titles quite early on.

From the onset, many non-Disney executives predicted Civil War would be the highest-grossing live-action film of the summer given its placement on the calendar — it was the only wide release on May 6 — and the fact that the film is one of this season’s few mega-brand franchise titles. Also add in the fact that Civil War was kicking its high-stakes drama up a notch with the fracturing of the Marvel Avengers team.

With Disney seemingly competing with itself these days, and Finding Dory set to make big waves at the box office this weekend, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see Civil War climb too much higher. Without yesterday’s totals being reported by Box Office Mojo, which bring the film to $400 Million domestically, the film is currently at $1,144,781,916 worldwide – a pretty impressive feat for a character like Captain America!

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Source: Deadline.