It’s hard to believe that in just a short four months, Phase 3 of the MCU will be kicked off with Captain America: Civil War. The third installment in the franchise will be taking a spin on the Civil War comic arc. With the Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony, at the helm, we are in good hands.

When the subtitle was announced, we all wondered just how closely the movie will follow the comic. The film will focus on keeping powered people accountable, but it does not sound like registration will be present. The end of the comic is an iconic moment and if recent comments by the directors and a cast member are true, they may have filmed that scene. This specific scene would happen near the very end of the movie so if you have not read the comic and do not want to have the ending possibly spoiled for you, I suggest you turn away now.

Warning: Possible spoilers for the end of Captain America: Civil War below.

If you are still with us, you have either read the comic or simply do not care about a possible spoiler. During the Captain America panel at Wizard World today, the panel members were asked what scene they would have liked to film for the movie that they did not. Frank Grillo, who is returning as Crossbones, responded by saying,

I’d like to kill Captain America.

This would lead us to believe that it does not go down that way, but Joe Russo followed with an interesting response.

We may or may not have filmed that scene, though. She asked about a scene you haven’t done.

So maybe Civil War does end with Captain America taking a bullet. A recent rumor claimed that this would happen and who could take up the shield, so this could be a very real possibility at this point. Should Marvel make this ending a reality, it would certainly be a surprise to a majority of the regular viewing audience.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.