Just when we all thought that Marvel news this week would be stalled thanks to the cinematic monstrosity called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, some pictures of concept art and spoilery toy sets of Captain America: Civil War have surfaced online.

The first of the pictures is a fantastic concept art by staple MCU concept artist Ryan Meinerding. We get a cool look at the superhero match ups from both Team Cap and Team Stark and some non-revealing descriptions included (and a typo calling Don Cheadle‘s War Machine, War Hammer.) One of the coolest things about this picture is that it has the Vision and Scarlet Witch going up against each other; a fight that fans have been clamoring for, given their immense power sets and rumored fling in this third Cap outing.

The second one is a leaked image of one of the upcoming Lego toy sets for Civil War. Featured in the image is the rumored utilization of Pym Particles by Scott Lang to turn himself into a 30 feet Goliath, aptly named Giant Man, in the Leipzig tarmac fight. While Lego sets aren’t the most reliable thing in the world as they take a lot creative liberties when making their toys, Scott Lang’s turn into the Giant Man has been rumored for some time now. Several months ago, JoBlo dropped several minor rumors about certain character beats – Giant Man included – in the film that are all looking to be accurate.

Hot Toys have finally unveiled the first of their Civil War toy line, offering us a new look at Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge armor and a first good look at the latest War Machine armor. Referring back to the aforementioned JoBlo scoop which talked about War Machine’s new toys, it indeed looks like War Machine will be brandishing what is referred to as a shotgun slash war-hammer weapon.

With the first trailer and official posters out of the way, all out promotion for Captain America: Civil War can be expected to kick off in early 2016, so make sure to keep an eye out for more exciting reveals such as this. *Captain America: Civil War is set to hit U.S. theaters in May of 2016.

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