Although it is not officially the summer season, Marvel started the summer movie season early once again by releasing Captain America: Civil War two weeks ago. So far it has been not only a critical hit, but it has also clearly been a hit at the box office. While it may have debuted slightly lower than expected, it still holds one of the biggest openings of all time, and it is continuing to rack up the accolades.

It has now earned $981.9 million worldwide, which officially makes Civil War the highest grossing film of 2016. The movie should cross the billion dollar mark either tonight, or if not tonight, definitely by Friday. This achievement was made by passing up Disney’s animated adventure Zootopia‘s $971.3 million, which was the previous top earner of the year. In fact, Disney is responsible for 3 of the top 4 highest grossing movies of the year thanks to The Jungle Book‘s $831 million.

Civil War has been the number one movie for the last two weekends, but with Angry Birds, The Nice Guys, and Neighbors 2 hitting theaters this week, it will have stiff competition. This weekend will continue to show how far the film will climb up the all-time charts, where it currently holds the 26th highest worldwide gross of all-time.

Source: EW.