The wait is almost over. Captain Marvel will soon hit theatres and we will get finally have an end to our Marvel Studios dry spell since Ant-Man and the Wasp released last July. It already is looking good for Marvel’s upcoming project that will explore the life of Carol Danvers in the 90s of the MCU. Very early predictions already set the film at an amazing $140+ million opening at the domestic box office. Even with the possibility of it going higher. This would have made it the second highest opening for a superhero origin film right after Black Panther. Still, this was a very optimistic and early estimate. There are still many factors that would change up the potential ticket sales for the film, as we inch closer to its release.

Now, Variety has released that Captain Marvel is currently tracking for a $100 million opening with it potentially reaching the $120 million mark as well. These are still early estimates, as word-of-mouth of the film will play a major role in how it does at the Box Office. The reason this estimate is a bit more conservative in comparison to the early prediction is mainly that we are closer to the film’s release. As such, it is easier to make estimates by analyzing social media buzz, trailer viewership numbers and early ticket reservations to establish a more realistic estimation. Naturally, there is also the chance that the film would surpass even these numbers. We have seen it from Marvel Studios before, especially if you consider the film’s social relevance as their first female-led film. These estimates can also change as we move closer to the film’s official release, so we will see if the number even manages to rise towards the original early prediction once reviews are out for the film.

How much do you think the film will make? Let us know your predictions down below!

Source: Variety