After making a billion dollars in the box office with her debut, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Captain Marvel franchise is being set up as the MCU’s next big thing by the studio. Case in point, a new rumor from MCU Direct is saying that the sequel to the first film is set to feature key characters from the MCU, not the least of which being Kamala Khan. The site also goes on to affirm the film will be based on the Secret Invasion storyline.

This story lines up with all the stuff we’ve been hearing about this property. Secret Invasion has long been rumored for the MCU, dating back as early as January of this year. A couple of months back, MCU Cosmic reported that this sequel was setting up the next big MCU event. Insider Charles Murphy iterated in his most recent production update for Ms. Marvel that the character was likely to debut elsewhere before her series. This seems like the most plausible property at the moment, shifting production dates notwithstanding.

Source: MCU Direct