It is amazing to think that soon we will see Carol Danvers take flight on the silver screen. With every release, we also get the amazing ‘Art of’ books that offer a deeper look into what work is put in to make these film come to life. Captain Marvel is quite a big step forward for Marvel Studios, it is their first female-led film, they are exploring a new timeline in the MCU and also introduce the Skrulls. Especially the introduction of the Skrull alien race might have larger implications for the MCU moving forward. Naturally, this film will also get its entry in the ongoing series and Andy Park, Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Director and Concept Artist, revealed the cover for Art of Captain Marvel.

It is always a treat to see Andy Park‘s art. He is behind a lot of fantastic designs for the Marvel Studios films and they do offer a great look into the upcoming film. We see three versions of Captain Marvel on the cover, which highlights her growth as a character. We know that she will have amnesia about her life on earth and believes that she is actually Kree. We see her as part of the Starforce group, just as Carol Danvers in a jacket to show her human past and her future as Captain Marvel in the iconic red-blue suit. Her pose is also a nice tribute to one of her most iconic comic covers. We get a good look at all the main supporting characters but there is a surprising lack of young Phil Coulson and Ronan. They may make an appearance on the. backside, which has not been unveiled.

What do you think of the cover?

Source: Twitter

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