After a fantastic start, it was only a question of time until we get the news. Marvel Studios latest film Captain Marvel has officially passed the $1 billion milestones. As of now, the film has made $385 million in the States and $645 million internationally. This makes it the seventh film of the once small independent studio to join the billion-dollar club. Even after the attempts to bring down the film’s review ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems nothing could stop Marvel Studios next big blockbuster franchise. It also had to contend with Avengers: Endgame being on the horizon. Brie Larson‘s latest release was able to hold its ground throughout the weekends after opening to an incredible $153 million in the States alone. Only in its third weekend did it fall to the third spot.

It’s only competition for the weekend was Disney’s release of Dumbo, which managed to nab the top spot even as it underperformed. Next week it will face the release of DC’s Shazam which will take over the top spot with $45 million. It is funny to think that within a month two superhero films are released with characters that shared the same name at one point. There is also the release of Pet Semetary that will pull in quite an audience with current tracking at around $30 million. Even with this competition and Endgame on the horizon, Captain Marvel will still manage to pass the domestic $400 million mark. As of now, the MCU has earned $18.5 billion and there is the high likelihood that it will pass the $20 billion mark once Avengers: Endgame ends its theatrical run. Spider-Man: Far From Home will also release this year and has a good chance of also pulling in around $1 billion. Now, it is only a question of time until we find out when we can expect the Captain Marvel sequel.

How much do you think it will make by the end of its run?

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