Captain Marvel is certainly building up quite a lot of attention for itself. Just a few weeks ago, the early predictions for the film’s Box Office were already at a great $100 million but that wasn’t going to stop Carol Danvers from taking over the US Box Office. It looks like the early estimates got a massive boost after the extremely positive first reactions hit the web. This isn’t too uncommon, as the positive buzz from critics gets people’s attention. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get people into cinemas and a film as socially relevant as Captain Marvel will get people talking. As of now, the film has pushed as high as $150 million. This is quite a push after the early estimates said that it would potentially top at $120 million and we are still a week away from release.

The film’s success isn’t just in the States, as it seems that it is also garnering quite a lot of attention in China. It looks like the film is currently outselling every Marvel Studios film with the exception of Avengers: Infinity War in presells. It is pushing towards an opening of $95 million but could still even surpass those estimates.

Marvel Studios is continuing to dominate the Box Office and it looks like they will kick-off 2019 similarly how they did last year. Black Panther started off with a more conservative estimate until it kept climbing up as the release drew closer. We still have a week to go until the film is released but it looks like Kevin Feige and his team have another massive year ahead of them. This is also a great sign for Brie Larson becoming one of Marvel Studios new go-to actors for future storylines, like Avengers: Endgame will bookend an era for some recurring actors. Marvel is building up towards a new future so Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange seem to become their next major trilogy that takes over the mantle for the next ten years or so. It will be an exciting time as a Marvel fan.

What do you think? How much do you think Captain Marvel will make?

Source: Forbes, Twitter